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on failure, the universe, and running in the cold. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


on failure, the universe, and running in the cold.

Scottie keeps laughing at me because I am so proud of myself for running in sub-freezing temperatures. He keeps saying “it’s not even that cold yet!” Well, stop trying to burst my bubble. To a California girl, training outside when it is less than 45*F is pretty frigid. Now a 45*F day here would be warm and I’d be ecstatic. So when the windchill factor drops it down to ridiculously small numbers like 12*F, running outside for 2 to 3 hours is pretty epic for me.

I finally conceded and turned the heat on in my little studio today too. The utilities bill has been only $30-$35/month as I’ve been a cheapo Asian and just put more clothes on. :) On that note, I’m pretty pumped that hot water is included with rent because hot showers are THE BEST after running outside! This ain’t Thailand heat camp.

Anyway, you muse over all kinds of things when running outside to distract yourself from thinking “Grilled Cheesus, it’s effing cold out here!” I got into some rambling conversations with myself on topics such as: failure versus success, finding happiness and following your dreams, hating yourself versus becoming the person you want to become.

I guess the end of the year is approaching, always a good time for self-reflection on how the year’s gone, where you were a year ago, 3 years ago, 5 years ago, etc. I’m sure I’ll write up a blog when I’ve got some airplane time over the holidays and go into more detail on my musings, but in the end I did come up with this epiphany:

There are no failures, it’s just the universe’s way of saying you weren’t ready yet.

Oh yeah, I came up with that all by myself. Now for those of you who subscribe to a certain religion, feel free to substitute “the universe” with your favorite deity: Zeus, God, Grilled Cheesus, Buddha, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.

Keep fighting the good fight and stay warm, kids!

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