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what to do (eat?) when stranded overnight at an airport « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


what to do (eat?) when stranded overnight at an airport

When booking a flight home for Christmas from the east coast to the west coast, do not fly through Chicago. You will end up getting stranded there. Then you get a chance to write up something like “The Top 10 Things to Do When Stranded in Chicago Midway Airport.”

There was a bit of a snowstorm. Not as crazy as in Europe, but enough (3 inches of snow) that the second leg of my flight home got cancelled. They don’t pay for your hotel because it’s not their fault, it’s the weather. My 2-hour layover became a 16-hour layover and I got to practice the all-nighter skills I learned back in college.

So other than blowing up everyone’s Twitter page with mindless tweets to pass the time, I decided to add another rule to Xena’s blog on counting calories during Christmas: when stranded in an airport, calories consumed to combat anger, stress, and despair do not count.

You can say I made the most of my visit. While many would become unbearable grouchy in such a situation, I thought of it as another fantastic travel adventure. Positive outcomes only! So if you ever get stranded in Chicago Midway airport for 16 hours, here is what you should do:

1. Sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Yup there was a Santa in the terminal.

he kept me on his lap for over 10 minutes.

2. Eat an ice cream sundae at McDonald’s.

3. Finish writing your Christmas cards.

coffee to stay awake and a croissant in the brown bag

4. Eat a chocolate croissant.

last time I had one was at Swiss camp 1.5yrs ago.

5. Write a whole week’s worth of blogs.

6. Eat a Chicago-style hot dog.

when in Chicago, eat a hot dog like Chicago-ans do.

7. Watch a few episodes of West Wing on your laptop.

I like hot guys named Rob.

8. Eat an apple turnover.

9. Catch up on your emails.

10. BAZINGA! You thought #10 was going to be about eating something else, didn’t you? No, it’s: catch up with all the important men in your life on the phone, like your travel sponsor and your Chicago friends Ben (my Lake Placid roommie) and Mark from Runners’ High N Tri (aka “bobsled sponsor”). Who would’ve bailed me out if there wasn’t a snowstorm outside and it didn’t take 3 hours to drive to Midway and rescue me. It’s the thought that counts though!

Oh, but dawn arrived and so it was breakfast time. One last bonus meal at the frozen yogurt place that opened at 5:30am “Red Mango.” (Like “Pinkberry” and reminded me of how Sarah from Chuck worked at “Orange Orange.”) Now, I’ve had yogurt parfaits and frozen yogurt before… but never a FROZEN YOGURT PARFAIT!

Extra credit #11. Eat a pomegranate frozen yogurt parfait!

with fresh blueberries & strawberries, granola, and sliced almonds. MMM MMM MMM

Then I was lucky enough to start boarding an airplane and barely ate anything for the next 9 hours. Instead, I hibernated on the next two flights to finally get home. The first thing I wanted to do after 32 hours in airports and airplanes was…no, not eat…take a shower!


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