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how to cook a kidney? « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


how to cook a kidney?

In this special Broke-Ass Triathlete edition of “Bizzarre Foods with the Wongstar,” I bought a ginormous beef kidney for 80 cents. It’s almost 1.5 pounds! It was hanging out next to the liver and I thought I’d give it a try. Sometimes a pro triathlete girl on a tight budget has no other choice than to buy meat with the fluorescent orange “Today’s Feature” sticker…and/or date boys with real jobs.

kidneys filter your pee. liver filters alcohol!

I’ve never cooked my own kidney before although I’m sure I’ve had it in one of our weirdo Chinese dishes in my lifetime. I’m wondering if it’s the same as cooking liver. I could just Google it or call Momma Wongstar (I’m sure she’ll call me when she sees this post anyway) but heck, I figure some of you iron chefs out there might have favorite kidney recipes. Right…? Well feel free to discuss in the forum!

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