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First Snow Shoveling in the First State « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


First Snow Shoveling in the First State

Everyone had advice for my first East Coast winter as the temperatures started dropping, especially with regards to vehicle maintenance. “Get an ice scraper.” “Get a can of spray de-icer.” “Get a snow brush.” “Rinse your car so it doesn’t rust from the salt they put on the snow.” “Drive slow.” “Careful around the turns.”

Ah, yeah yeah yeah. Ok ok, I did all of the above.

And then my favorite one that I kept procrastinating on (cue ominous music):
“You should probably get a snow shovel and keep it in your car in case you have to dig your car out.”

I thought that was the most hilarious thing ever. Until one day I had been training in my living room all morning and didn’t need to drive anywhere until say, 3pm…my car had been parked outside for over 30 hours at this point…

there's a Honda Fit hibernating in there.

Luckily I live in a great neighborhood equipped with lots of shops and restaurants. I walked across the street to the drug store. They were out of shovels. I walked the other way to the grocery store. They too were out. The print shop was closed but hey, I live right next door to an Irish pub and sports bar. They lent me their snow shovel and I promised not to run off with it. I had been bundled up, but let me tell ya, shoveling snow is hard work. An hour later I had my outer jacket, gloves, and warm hat stripped off. I faithfully returned the shovel and promised to come back for Irish car bombs.

I used to think brushing the snow off your car was kind of fun, like a one-person snowball fight, but I’m over it now. Oh yeah, and there were a lot of snarky remarks from people (who didn’t have to go to work, “snow day” and all) walking by when they caught a glimpse of the California plates.

Then I went to Target and another grocery store and they were out of shovels too. So I got myself to Lowe’s (the hardware store) yesterday and bingo! Every person walking out the store was armed with a spankin’ new shovel. I went in and got my very own. I feel totally empowered now. Nothing can stop me!

Although according to this article, I should just stay in and watch more TV: “Snowstorms send TV viewership soaring.”

And here’s a good tongue twister for you: “Shoveling snow stimulates sniveling snot.” Now say that ten times fast.

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