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the 90-minute treadmill playlist

We are WAAAAY overdue for a superstar step. Here you go…How To Become an International Triathlon Superstar, Step #22: Prepare the Soundtrack to the Movie of Your Life.

This goes along with “how to stay motivated during winter” and “how to get excited about treadmill sessions.” Yes, I finally succumbed. I tried to put it off for as long as I could, running outside in sub-freezing temps, but then the snow came and then half-melted into icy slush, emphasis on the “icy.” It was then too dangerous to run outside when you could very well slip on ice and pull a muscle or faceplant or break your collarbone or something else dumb and stupid you don’t want to do when it’s your job to exercise for a living.

this is how I feel like on a treadmill.

Now I loooooove track sessions and have no problems going ’round and ’round for hours on end but the treadmill… I’m still learning to love. No fears, here is what I’ve found to help me conquer the “dreadmill”:

  1. Have a plan. I write out exactly what my workout is, what speed I should go for how many minutes, and what pace this correlates to (both mins/mile and marathon time).
  2. Write down your favorite motivational quotes. (One is the Boss’ “Weak desires get weak results.” I also like “Be the best version of yourself.”)
  3. Print out the course map of your next race.
  4. Put those 3 pieces of paper in ziploc sandwich baggies and tape them onto the face of the treadmill. (I sweat a ton especially treadmill running, to the point that I splash over the display…and to neighboring treadmills. AHAHA. Hence the ziploc baggies.)
  5. Make a special new playlist for each particular treadmill session!

I like to grab a treadmill facing a window but unfortunately I usually get stuck in front of the TV that is playing the “Cookie Jar TV” kiddie channel on Saturday mornings. Apparently they used to stream updated versions of Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake (from my very own childhood) a year ago but now it’s episodes of Horseland and Busyland Mysteries. Seriously?! So I crank up the tunes as loud as I can to focus on the workout because watching these dumb cartoons is way distracting.

This session is a 90-minute run where I increase my speed every 5 minutes. So I go from warm-up pace to Ironman pace to much faster than Ironman pace by the end. I’ve had friends and fans request what kind of music I listen to, so here’s a peek. The trick is to make sure every song excites you–like if you were to hear EACH SONG on the radio, you would yell “I LOOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!!!!” and sing along to all the lyrics. The songs start out a bit slower and get faster…relatively.

Now I really don’t care what you think of my taste in music (yes there is some Britney and Paris Hilton and a former Spice Girl), but this is what gets me excited to run on the treadmill. I don’t make fun of your music and I’m not ashamed of mine:

1. Pork and Beans — Weezer
2. Love the Way You Lie — Eminem feat. Rihanna
3. Amnesia — Britney Spears
4. Poker Face — Lady Gaga
5. Don’t Stop Believin’ — Journey
6. Secrets — OneRepublic
7. Sometime Around Midnight — The Airborne Toxic Event
8. Bad Romance — Lady Gaga
9. Not Falling Apart (Tiesto Remix) — Maroon 5
10. Take On Me — a-Ha
11. Hot N Cold — Katy Perry
12. Raise Your Glass — P!nk
13. Spaceman — The Killers
14. In My Arms (Bimbo Jones Club Extended Mix) –Plumb
15. Holding Out for a Hero (Club Remix) — Bonnie Tyler
16. I’m So Sick — Flyleaf
17. Mr. Brightside — The Killers
18. Nothing In This World (Dave Aude Radio Edit) — Paris Hilton
19. Not in Love — Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith
20. I Turn To You (Hex Hector Radio Mix) — Melanie C
21. Papercut — Linkin Park
22. Major Tom (Coming Home) — Shiny Toy Guns

Enjoy and happy treadmill running! :) P.S. What’s REALLY exciting is that temps are supposed to go well over 50*F on Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday!!!! WOOHOOOOO East Coast heat wave!!!

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