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First Valentine’s Day in the First State « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


First Valentine’s Day in the First State

Wow, it’s the first time in 3 years that I actually get to spend Valentine’s Day in this country and not at training camp in a hot & humid Asian country. In 2009 I was in the Philippines and last year I was in Thailand.

I didn’t get a chance to post up a V-day blog last night as I was too busy eating a hefty slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake. I usually don’t like cheese or cheesecake, but if it’s chocolate-flavored then that makes it allll right. ;) Plus the Cheesecake Factory gets “bazinga” points from the Big Bang Theory. :)

Bazinga! no, seriously. It was REALLY GOOD.

Anyway, nothing says love and hearts like my favorite little Asian comic girl. She likes white boys, just like me. These are from Lela Lee’s book “Angry Little Girls in Love.”

Here’s my version of the 6 stages of dating:

Stage 1. The First Date.

Yes, this happens all the time. Boys lie and post up old (or strategic) photos of themselves.

Stage 2. You realize he’s not The One.

Wait for it...wait for it...

heh heh heh. Some of us are happier being single. Then there are those who bitch about being single all the time.

Stage 3. At this point, you don’t really care if you hurt his feelings.

Man up. Guys don't really have feelings.

Stage 4. See other people.

Stage 5. Dammit, why can’t I get rid of him?

Boys can never take a hint.

Stage 6. Realize that he still pays for dinner and that you are still a struggling pro triathlete.

Keep paying for dinner and I'll let you stick around. ;)

Hey, a girl’s gotta eat. Happy Valentine’s Day :D

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