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Tiggers + White Tiger = no bike fees « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Tiggers + White Tiger = no bike fees

the most wonderful thing about Tiggers? no bike fees.

Well here I am at the Philly airport, first flight of the year with my new smartphone and my new bike box. Meaning I got to test out if I get charged for my bike and then blog and tweet and facebook about it! Instantly!

I decided to tell them the box contained “paintings for an art show”. Because that’s kind of what it looks like, plus I recently cut my hair short again and put in purple streaks so I could certainly pass for the artsy punk chick type. It’s important to have a look to go with your clever little lie. The check-in ladies loved the bike box and I don’t think it even crossed their minds to measure the box or charge me.

Win win!

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