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outdoor swimmin’ in February « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


outdoor swimmin’ in February

when you grow up as a triathlete in California you take things for granted and don’t really appreciate them until you move somewhere with a cold snowy winter.

Like gorgeous, sunny, above-freezing weather and temperatures. All year round. Outdoor pools. Outdoor long course pools. In February!

I used to think it was weird that some pools in this country aren't open year-round.

Contrary to popular belief I’m not heading to Thailand right now like most of my teammates. I’m back home in sunny California for a couple family birthdays (Grandma’s and Papa Wongstar’s) before I go to Las Vegas for the Red Rock Canyon Marathon. Should give me a brief respite from the butt-cold First State, and then when I get home (oops I just realized I refer to two places as “home” now–I mean home = Delaware) then it will be March and should be spring already!

I’ll get over to Thailand in April and race the Samui Island Triathlon. That’s the official tri season opener for me. Woohoo!

And for those curious, here is my current pull buoy:

yes I have a cap that says "Superstar"

I MacGyver’ed it from two Speedo pull buoys. It’s pretty awesome as all things I make are.

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