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Trouble in Vegas 2011 « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Trouble in Vegas 2011

I slipped away from the East Coast for a nice little break from the winter weather and even took an internet break when I was in Vegas. I was not about to pay $7/hour (or $50/week! WTF!) and it turns out my smartphone is on the short bus in certain locations (like inside a giant casino).

less debauchery during daylight. ;)

When I got back yesterday, the snow and ice had disappeared and it’s almost like San Francisco weather here in Delaware. The gas prices are ridiculously similar too, I was shocked at the 40-cent jump!


Anyway just like my last trip after IM St. George, what happens in Vegas is best not overly-described in a public blog and hey, maybe it was good I wasn’t able to blog from my so-called “smart”phone while I was…um…less inhibited. SO…if we were to do a word-vomit exercise, the 3.5 days spent in Sin City would go something like the following…please keep in mind we were traveling in a large group (over 10 of us) so not all of the following pertains to your favorite superstar. ;) Oh and I’ll intersperse some random photos taken mostly in the daylight when less debauchery was to be had:

you don't have to tip him if you take a photo of his back.

…Ultimate frisbee, skanky outfits, 99-cent frozen Bailey’s, blue suede shoes, Imperial Palace, blacked out,

O'Sheas has the best tasting slushee drinks and cheapest too! 99-cent frozen Bailey's: like a Frappuccino for grown-ups.

Haamonii Smooth Shochu, ROAD TRIP!!, 24-hour buffet bracelets,

buy the cup and get discounted refills!

bouncers, dancing, SmartEnergy, $16 Red Bull/vodkas, strippers,

proof I did something other than party for 3 days

grown-up slurpees, Chinese New Year, giant bunnies, Monty Python, Dr. Evil, Chipotle, Starbucks, tiaras,

giant bunny at the Bellagio Chinese New Year exhibit--very Monty-Python-esque

dessert at every meal, freakin’ awesome, complimentary bracelets, penny slots, trashed, 4am French fries, excess, floozy,

when in doubt, try one of each: the buffet @ Caesars'

chicken pot pie, Red Rock Canyon, bacon, wedding chapel, spankings, Elvis, tiny bladders, elephant bladders, bathroom attendants, rock stars, Hash House a go go,

quite possibly my new favorite restaurant: Hash House a go go, as seen on Man V. Food

QUADZILLA!!!, the Strip, downhills, Man V. Food, Girl vs. Food?, uphills, escalators,

longer than a foot-long and under $2!

slow elevators, super hilly marathon, CRAP!, dollar bills, girly drinks for boys, random travel sponsor run-in, Coyote Ugly, Minefield Dancers,

the money shot

shopping, hungover, chocolate, lions, first time, debauchery, stinky cleats, hot tub room, chafage,

I wore my tiara on the entire flight home.

tattoos, deep fried Reese’s, $25 lollipops, $1.99 footlong hotdogs…BEST VEGAS TRIP EVER!

There was actually swimming and biking and running involved, but no one really wants to hear about that.

the lower-calorie, hangover-free choice of triathlon superstars

I would like to thank Haamonii Smooth Shochu for sending us a case and ensuring that I was hangover-free the entire trip, though I can’t say the same for my fellow shenanigan partners. ;)

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