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tsunamis and earthquakes, oh my! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


tsunamis and earthquakes, oh my!


uh oh, the end of the world is coming early! It’s not even 2012 yet. Got the news about the ginormous 8.9 earthquake in Japan and the aftershocks and tsunami waves heading to my own hometown of Pacifica, California (just south of San Francisco along the Pacific coast…thus its name…).

P-town pier, hope you're ok!

All the P-town schools were closed today and Mom says a lot of the locals had to evacuate to higher ground. Our house is higher up on a hill, about a mile inland (or a 10-minute jog down the windy streets) so we’re A-OK. When I was home just a week ago I took a nice leisurely run out our front door and down along the beach, snapping some photos along the way (a pre-marathon long run so I brought the camera phone to make sure I wasn’t going too fast). I was enamored by the new-ish looking tsunami warning signs but hadn’t ever taken them seriously! :(

to higher ground!

I hope everyone is okay!

I miss the beach!

You can check out this link here, which is a live blog with live updates from one of the local newspapers.

Rockaway Beach

My thoughts and warm-fuzzy vibes go out to all the families affected by this disaster in Pacifica, the surrounding coastal towns, and of course the earthquake victims in Japan. Stay safe, everyone… :(

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