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first spring in the first state « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


first spring in the first state

for some odd reason, the number 300 makes me think of super ripped shirtless dudes with capes.

Wow, I signed into wordpress and saw this will be my 300th blog post here. My very first post was in June of 2007 and I just realized something else: with the team roster changing every year…I’m now officially the person who has been on the team the longest. Double WOW. That is something I’m sure nobody would have predicted back in 2007, or even 2008, or 2009…

So instead of being in super rainy Thailand meeting all the newbies, I have the privilege and honor of staying home in the USA and helping to get our first American Bike Boutique store off the ground. Which really means I get to go to parties every weekend to “network” with the community whilst pursuing true love with an all-American boy who is actually smart and cute and tall and has an excellent command of English. (It is honestly amazing how much your standards drop after living at training camps for so many months where a good-looking chap who speaks the same language as you is a rare commodity.)

staying in one place long enough helps increase your odds of finding true love.

Spring officially sprung (sprang?) over a week ago so I could finally say I survived my first East Coast winter. I never actually used the snow shovel I bought for $14 at Lowe’s; it’s still sitting in the backseat of my car and I’m considering returning it (they have a 90-day return policy). I can buy two meals at Chipotle for $14! and Chipotle is actually opening here next week!! It’ll be right by the UD campus, home of the Fighting Blue Hens. (I have an awesome UD shirt that says “FEAR THE BIRD!”) Not the first Chipotle in the first state, but maybe the second.

Um, where was I?

the cherry blossoms are supposed to blossom soon.

Oh, spring. Right. Spring is great–I had mentioned when I came back here after Vegas, the snow and ice was completely gone which meant I could ride my bike outside again. Sure there are some “hard-core” people who try to ride their bikes outside through nasty winter conditions, but as a pro athlete, Coach made it clear that it was an issue of safety, not an issue of HTFU.

You don’t want to ruin your season slipping on a patch of ice and breaking your collarbone or wrist or worse; that’s just dumb. In that same vein, there are lots of things that are too risky to do when being an athlete is your livelihood, like play ultimate frisbee for fun or go to open tryouts for Philly’s Lingerie Football League this weekend. But the frisbee boys are ok if I just go their parties as a groupie and my boobs are probably way too small to make the “Philly Passion” team anyway. You know Michael Phelps’ mom wouldn’t let him even go bowling, right? (I read that in his book.)

it's a pink elephant! spouting out a rainbow!

So I had to wait until every last remnant of ice and snow was completely gone. Then HOORAY! If you have never been through a snowy winter (like I haven’t been), you don’t realize how much you take training outside for granted. I might seem like a “sunshine and rainbows” kinda girl, oozing with an ungodly amount of eternal optimism and spirit fingers, but believe me, I can be all dark and twisty like Meredith on Gray’s Anatomy. I’m sure we all can. I just choose not to blog so much when cavorting with the Dark Side because negativity, like positivity, is contagious. People would much rather read about sunshine and rainbows than misery and angst.

Sunshine and rainbows!

sunshine and rainbows!

I meant for this to be a blog about my latest ipod playlist (I call it “spring mix” like it’s a salad) but I rambled on for too long, so perhaps the next one. :)

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