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The Waffle Traumatization « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


The Waffle Traumatization

About two years ago at training camp, there was an incident with a waffle that left me severely traumatized. (Has it been two years? Coach has me working on a little story for him about my earlier days on the team, so I’ve been reminiscing a bit.) Suffice it to say that triathlon is a sport where it is important to be lean if you want to go fast, and I was not lean and I was not fast. (Although being taller does help hide it better…) So I got enough of an earful to traumatize me from waffles for two years.

Living at training camp with other pros exposed me to all kinds of strange and fascinating eating neuroses almost everybody had. More so with the girls as it seems the boys could all eat like dump trucks and still be skinny bastards. There were a few bitter weeks following the Waffle Incident when I lived with Scottie and Zack AKA “Dumpster,” and true to his name, sometimes Dumpster would eat 6 Eggo waffles as a snack. (He wasn’t trying to be cruel to me, that was just normal for him.)

Well, I am happy to report that I am on my way to a full recovery on waffles. I don’t like them with whipped cream (that’s only good on sundaes) or maple syrup (too sugary and I have no dental insurance) but here is one of today’s blueberry waffles with my own blueberry topping (Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, a pack of açaí berry-flavored Emergen-C, and flax seeds):

nom nom nom happy tummy song

I wouldn’t go so far to say that it was the best thing I ever ate, but I have learned many things since my earlier days on the team. While I had quickly learned how to make myself really hungry and miserable if I wanted to get really skinny really fast, I later learned that there are healthier ways to go about getting lean without just saying “this is bad for you” and “that is bad for you” regarding everything that actually tastes really good. :)

Along with waffles, I am also currently cultivating a very “healthy relationship” with bacon and ice cream. ;)

Happy eating!

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