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how to throw an EGGcellent Easter EGGstravaganza « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


how to throw an EGGcellent Easter EGGstravaganza

superstars throw the best parties! Here’s how to do it:

1. Order up a bunch of Haamonii Smooth Shochu to “share harmony” with all your friends. That’s the Easter spirit! (haha! that pun wasn’t originally intended and I didn’t catch it until I proof-read!)

Easter is an EGGcellent time to share harmony!

Order your own online at D&M spirits, free shipping! :D

2. Hit up the dollar store and buy $30 worth of Easter eggs (we got 112) and Easter candy. Including green Peeps and Winnie-the-Pooh Pez dispensers.

and I’ve probably said this before, but in Delaware, everything at the dollar store really *is* only a dollar because we have NOOOOO SALES TAX! I will not be getting over how awesome this is any time soon. (and this is EGGzactly why everyone should buy a bike at The Bike Boutique here. fact!)

3. No kids allowed. This is an Easter egg hunt for grown-ups!

4. Fill up the eggs with aforementioned candy, quarters, and hmmm “adult” items that ironically go against certain Easter-celebrating religions. Well, the Easter Bunny wasn’t in the Bible either.

5. Hide the eggs all around the house…our guests were really most EGGcited about finding the eggs with the quarters, go figure.

like a kid at the candy store, but with more money to spend!

6. There were two birthday guests. One of them got a really embarassing birthday gift that we made her open up in front of everyone. The other one was found passed out on top of the dryer with his feet in the washing machine at 3am. Photos will not be posted on this blog to protect the innocent, and instead kept for blackmailing purposes in the near future.

Hope you all had an EGGcellent Easter! For the fans who are concerned I am “socializing” more than I am training, never fear. I EGGzuberantly report that I’ve been having some of my strongest sessions yet (most EGGcellent!), which leave me rather…EGGzausted. No EGGzaggerating. Ok I better end this blog now… before you throw rotten eggs at me. ;)

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