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Top 5 Thoughts on the Royal Wedding. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Top 5 Thoughts on the Royal Wedding.

I know what you’re thinking!

it's a lie! We all watched it!!!

And I personally didn’t even know when the Royal Wedding was supposed to be either, although I’m sure my mom would’ve told me. She was always a huge Princess Diana fan and I remember how devastated she was and even what we were doing on that fateful day back in 1997. My siblings and I were watching a rerun of Baywatch when they flashed the news of the car crash across the bottom of the screen…underlining some scene with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson no doubt.

But my main goal in life is to become an international superstar of some sort, and I came to realize there was a lesson to be learned from the Royal Wedding. See, last Friday morning as I was ready to head out the door, the Facebook app on my smartphone started blowing up with everyone’s updates on the Royal Wedding. I turned on the TV and holy crap, it was on every single channel.

the best thing about having a sister is that your girlfriends can't fight over who maid of honor will be

Sure I only pay $10.95/month for the basic channels but still! My first thought was whoa, that has to set a new precedent for international superstardom: having your wedding broadcast on every single channel in a foreign country. I’m not going to even pretend that being a triathlon superstar will let me come anything close to that… :( Although I do recall my cousin Alex remarking a year or two back, that since I was in a different country every other month, he wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up streaming my wedding live on the internets. ha!! :)

Other than that, I do love weddings and doesn’t every girl grow up wanting to be a pretty, pretty princess? So I ended up leaving the TV on whenever I was back at the apartment and without further ado, here were my top 5 thoughts:

#5: Time has not been kind to Prince William’s hairline.

sorry Wills, but please put your hat back on.

It’s unfortunate because as my friend Courtney also mentioned in her blog, what girl who is now 28 (+/- a couple years) didn’t have a crush on Wills when we were all younger? Prince Harry used to be the awkward-looking runt but I’d have to say I’ve officially switched over to Team Harry.

#4: Tiaras are the best!

if only we could all look this lovely when we get married!

I’m currently building up my own collection. I think I’ll pack one when I go to the races to accessorize potential podium outfits. ;)

#3: The silly Brits say “‘Til death us do part” instead of “Til death do us part.”

seriously, compare the two brothers' hair.

#2: Those wedding guests can totally re-wear their hats at the Kentucky Derby this weekend!

I prefer tiaras.

Did anyone else feel like we were back in Louisville?

A visit to the 'Ville isn't complete without trying on derby hats. I'll be returning in August!

#1: Wow, Kate has a hot younger sister with a super cute nickname “Pippa” and quite the perky butt.

the butt that spawned a Facebook fan page

I wasn’t really paying attention until later that night when my older sister messaged me “You are totally the Pippa to my Kate.” Like the Middleton sisters, we are also 20 months apart and have been duking it out for almost 30 years. I thought it was because of the brouhaha I overheard on TV about how Kate’s sister had a maid of honor (ooops, I mean “HONOUR”; they’re British) dress also in a shade of white, as if she were trying to steal Kate’s thunder.

Yes! I would totally do that! Why’s it always gotta be about Marcia Marcia Marcia?

My sister also confirmed it was because I had a perkier butt. Apparently, those rear-end shots of Pippa holding Kate’s train made the rounds on the internet and her butt even has its own Facebook page now, the “Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society” with over 180,000 fans and growing strong! The internets has described Pippa as “Gorgeous, athletic, confident, supportive and totally sisterly” and already “making a splash as a female with some back assets” so I’d have to say yes, that’s me. If by “totally sisterly” they mean “always trying to one-up the big sister,” then yeah! ;)

Yes, I’m totally a fan. Three cheers for younger sisters! And may everyone find true love and happiness, hearts and sunshine and rainbows and all that! :D

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