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howdy y’all from Texas « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


howdy y’all from Texas

I lived in Texas for a whole year so I’m allowed to say “howdy y’all” right? ;)

It’s been an excellent trip so far as I flew into Austin where I was well taken care of by the travel sponsor before being adopted by the Pak family, Minsok and Bliss, who are really an extension of the TBB family and both are also racing on Saturday.

White Tigers x2! double the awesomeness!

We road-tripped with our Cervelo P3′s to the race site today, where we hooked up with a 4th P3 and TBB’er…Maki Mouse from Japan! We only associate with people who ride Cervelo P3′s apparently :)

I finally got assigned my bib #’s since I was able to sneak onto the start list super last minute. It’s a pretty big field, because all the girls knew I was racing in China so they decided to sign up for Texas instead. I totally pulled a fast one on all of them. Obviously I was involved with the IM China conspiracy to throw them all off. Bwahaha

#73 whoa that's a lot of pros! don't worry the bib has been Wongstarized.

Other than racing Ironman me and roommate Maki have already made a Texas to-do list, which includes going shopping for a cowboy hat and eating at the Cheesecake Factory. The girl LOVES cheeesecake and I was shocked she’s never been to the Cheesecake Factory! For seriously.

Thank you Mark and Minsok and Bliss! More tales from Texas to come. :D

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