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Texas Shenanigans « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Texas Shenanigans

silly photos with Oscar AKA "Big O"

A month’s gone by since IMTX and I’ve moved on. The race report disappeared along with the black cloud that was over my head post-race, and both have been replaced with clarity and new developments in my life that I’m bursting to tell the whole world. Alas, you’ll have to wait. Because suspense makes things extra exciting!

Ironman Texas--"we're gonna CRUSH IT!" ...with a mortar and pestle! ahahahahahaha :D

But I couldn’t just ignore all the fun pictures I took with my Texas family and friends…My Austin friends had known me long before I was a famous superstar. We were all blogging friends on Livejournal since I started my first blog in 2003. I was a dorky senior in college who had just done my first Ironman (Wisconsin 2002) which holy crap, was a long time ago. It wasn’t quite as trendy and popular to be an Ironman triathlete back then as a 20-year-old so I found friends online with similar interests.

(This is probably why I don’t think online dating is weird.)

I'm being a mysterious triathlon superstar and throwing out my "Wongstar" gang sign.

They knew me before I could break 13 hours in an Ironman (when just finishing one a year was quite a feat, and never mind trying to race one!), before I ever set foot outside U.S. soil, before I even contemplated the phrase “triathlon superstar.” They knew me before I was even close to hitting the podium…in my age group. They knew me when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

the Weathershenkers...Julia was race day sherpa! <3

Before there was Facebook and Twitter, they were the first to “follow” me. How I struggled to finish my senior thesis so I could graduate from college. Applying to grad schools. Falling in and out of love. Moving across the country to…Georgia. Then Texas. Choosing a career path. Stumbling through more Ironmans, and brief flirtations with rowing and track cycling. Getting my first email back from teamTBB in 2007 (!!!) and how unfathomable it seemed that I should be chosen to become a pro triathlete.

...and Mark the travel sponsor! Believed in me from the beginning :)

2007 was when I left Dallas, TX, and the last time I saw most of my Austin friends. It’s just incredible what an adventure the last four years have been and seeing everyone again reminded me how far I’ve come. To have finished an Ironman in 10hrs 50mins, taking 17th in the pro division, and to have THAT be a “bad day” for me–now that was something my 25yo self and the rest of us wouldn’t ever have predicted in our wildest dreams.

That and the fact that it was my 20th Ironman finish! It’s been so easy to lose perspective in all of this…so…just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way…with many more adventures to come. :)

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