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Maki Goes to the Cheesecake Factory « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Maki Goes to the Cheesecake Factory

Everyone on our team knows that Maki loooooves cheesecake. Especially strawberry cheesecake. When I found out she had never been to the Cheesecake Factory…and there was one right in the Woodlands…we definitely had to go post-race!

Maki is speechless. so cute!

Since she is from Japan and doesn’t watch The Big Bang Theory (where Penny and Bernadette are waitresses at the Cheesecake Factory), she honestly didn’t realize that it was an actual restaurant where you could order lots of other food besides cheesecake for dessert.

so many choices...and everything is bigger in Texas!

Bliss, Minsok, and I all ordered an actual lunch…but all Maki wanted for lunch was her favorite: strawberry cheesecake.

Cheesecake for lunch!

Thanks again to Bliss & Minsok for taking care of us so well in Texas! The four of us are having a reunion already next week in Korea. :)

representing TBB in TX

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