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I bled for teamTBB

Monday, July 11th, 2011

I thought about not washing the blood off, but Larry told me that was morbid.

My four years on the team definitely had its share of “blood, sweat, and tears” as they say. Tons and tons of sweat from the training and racing, tears of both frustration (especially at the first couple camps) and also of joy, and the occasional spill of blood on the bike.

In the metaphorical sense I bled for teamTBB for four years, pouring my heart and soul into the endeavor of becoming the best triathlete I could be by training at a full-time capacity. I suppose it was fitting that I ended my four-year education at the “Sutto Triathlon Academy” by actually shedding blood on my teamTBB race kit.

last race in the TBB kit!

I didn’t get to cap off my TBB career with the best race of my life as planned, as I was removed from the race course in an ambulance, but I do take solace in having the absolutely best swim of my life. A 1:02! It’s unbelievable!!! …and that was training primarily on my own!!

So on my own, I shall continue. I’ve recently updated my official website to have it integrated with a new blog, where I’ll be writing more about anything and all things Wongstar. I’ve never been that pro triathlete who only ever blogs about triathlon cuz hey, it’s my blog and I’m gonna write what I want!

the first post-crash pic, after most of the blood was wiped off from my head.

This new one utilizes the Blogger platform and has comments enabled as well. It’s called “The Wongstar’s Shenanigans: Uncut and Uncensored” and you can stay updated on my life as I transition back into my prosthetics work, figure out the true love stuff, continue being a very big deal in a very small state, and a lot of random other sh*t.

Thanks for all following me here on the team website…now the adventure continues at theWongstar.com;)

the most spectacular DNF ever!

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Hi from my last day in Jeju!!! Just wanted to post up some quick pics to show that I am all right and smiling and not a big bloody stitched up mess! These pics were taken today, honestly, in the dress I was planning to wear on stage at the awards banquet, but you don’t get called up if you don’t finish. :(

I've been told at least 3 different stories about what these statues are ;)

You’ve probably heard by now that I was in a pretty awful car crash during Ironman Korea. I was so excited because race day started out with not just one, but two morning poos, which everybody knows means you are going to do AWESOME.

To all the fans, the Wongstar loooooves you!

So obviously I was going to have my best swim ever (1:02 baby!!!) and then was tearing it up on the bike. Only minutes from the end of the bike a minivan got in the way and White Tiger would have none of that. He got in a punching match and broke his um, knuckles…

the minivan was space aliens after all

But hey you should’ve seen the damage we did to the car! I  jumped to White Tiger’s defense by slamming my chin into the windshield. These Korean drivers need to learn that we don’t mess around. I’m kind of sad nobody took a picture of it.

poor tiger! (otherwise he's A-OK)

The aerobars and windshield must’ve taken the brunt of our unplanned cagefight because I got away very lucky with just 16 stitches in my chin and 8 more in my elbow and a bruised up knee. I am walking okay, no broken bones or whiplash or spinal injuries or concussion. I met some guys today at awards who actually saw the whole accident and they thought I was DEAD, but I’m far from dead. So don’t worry everybody…especially you Mom! :D

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to swim for 2 weeks because of the stitches…which I am actually sad about now that I am a swimming MONSTER!!! So it might be time to get a tattoo or two. Sad it was my first DNF ever in my 11 years of triathlon, but hey I don’t do anything half-assed so it had to be a good one! If you are going to DNF you have to make it SPECTACULAR! :D

oh and happy 4th of July my fellow Americans. :) Maybe I should buy a hot dog from 7-11 (which strangely isn’t open at 7am).

space aliens in Korea

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

don't take over my brain!!!

White Tiger is a bit of a sci-fi geek and is convinced there are space aliens here in Korea. He covered himself with foil so the aliens can’t take over his brain.

Korean foil to fend off space aliens in Korea

Anyway, like the sign says, we are ready to go! I am feeling strong, confident, and happier than I’ve been in a while. *Big thanks and shameless plug for my wonderful new coach Becky May* ;)

this is at the swim start to reassure everyone who is nervous.

You can track us online on www.ironmanlive.com starting at 7am Korea time Sunday morning…which is um…6pm Delaware time Saturday night…and uh 3pm California time. I think I got that right! Bib #16! Maybe my lowest race number ever???

the crew ready to crush it!

Wongstar & White Tiger

P.S. Thanks everyone for the really nice and supportive emails, messages, comments etc about my big announcement. Some people didn’t actually read it all the way through and think I’m quitting the sport completely. Um, go read it again.