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space aliens in Korea « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


space aliens in Korea

don't take over my brain!!!

White Tiger is a bit of a sci-fi geek and is convinced there are space aliens here in Korea. He covered himself with foil so the aliens can’t take over his brain.

Korean foil to fend off space aliens in Korea

Anyway, like the sign says, we are ready to go! I am feeling strong, confident, and happier than I’ve been in a while. *Big thanks and shameless plug for my wonderful new coach Becky May* ;)

this is at the swim start to reassure everyone who is nervous.

You can track us online on www.ironmanlive.com starting at 7am Korea time Sunday morning…which is um…6pm Delaware time Saturday night…and uh 3pm California time. I think I got that right! Bib #16! Maybe my lowest race number ever???

the crew ready to crush it!

Wongstar & White Tiger

P.S. Thanks everyone for the really nice and supportive emails, messages, comments etc about my big announcement. Some people didn’t actually read it all the way through and think I’m quitting the sport completely. Um, go read it again.

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