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I bled for teamTBB « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


I bled for teamTBB

I thought about not washing the blood off, but Larry told me that was morbid.

My four years on the team definitely had its share of “blood, sweat, and tears” as they say. Tons and tons of sweat from the training and racing, tears of both frustration (especially at the first couple camps) and also of joy, and the occasional spill of blood on the bike.

In the metaphorical sense I bled for teamTBB for four years, pouring my heart and soul into the endeavor of becoming the best triathlete I could be by training at a full-time capacity. I suppose it was fitting that I ended my four-year education at the “Sutto Triathlon Academy” by actually shedding blood on my teamTBB race kit.

last race in the TBB kit!

I didn’t get to cap off my TBB career with the best race of my life as planned, as I was removed from the race course in an ambulance, but I do take solace in having the absolutely best swim of my life. A 1:02! It’s unbelievable!!! …and that was training primarily on my own!!

So on my own, I shall continue. I’ve recently updated my official website to have it integrated with a new blog, where I’ll be writing more about anything and all things Wongstar. I’ve never been that pro triathlete who only ever blogs about triathlon cuz hey, it’s my blog and I’m gonna write what I want!

the first post-crash pic, after most of the blood was wiped off from my head.

This new one utilizes the Blogger platform and has comments enabled as well. It’s called “The Wongstar’s Shenanigans: Uncut and Uncensored” and you can stay updated on my life as I transition back into my prosthetics work, figure out the true love stuff, continue being a very big deal in a very small state, and a lot of random other sh*t.

Thanks for all following me here on the team website…now the adventure continues at theWongstar.com;)

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