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I bled for teamTBB

Monday, July 11th, 2011

I thought about not washing the blood off, but Larry told me that was morbid.

My four years on the team definitely had its share of “blood, sweat, and tears” as they say. Tons and tons of sweat from the training and racing, tears of both frustration (especially at the first couple camps) and also of joy, and the occasional spill of blood on the bike.

In the metaphorical sense I bled for teamTBB for four years, pouring my heart and soul into the endeavor of becoming the best triathlete I could be by training at a full-time capacity. I suppose it was fitting that I ended my four-year education at the “Sutto Triathlon Academy” by actually shedding blood on my teamTBB race kit.

last race in the TBB kit!

I didn’t get to cap off my TBB career with the best race of my life as planned, as I was removed from the race course in an ambulance, but I do take solace in having the absolutely best swim of my life. A 1:02! It’s unbelievable!!! …and that was training primarily on my own!!

So on my own, I shall continue. I’ve recently updated my official website to have it integrated with a new blog, where I’ll be writing more about anything and all things Wongstar. I’ve never been that pro triathlete who only ever blogs about triathlon cuz hey, it’s my blog and I’m gonna write what I want!

the first post-crash pic, after most of the blood was wiped off from my head.

This new one utilizes the Blogger platform and has comments enabled as well. It’s called “The Wongstar’s Shenanigans: Uncut and Uncensored” and you can stay updated on my life as I transition back into my prosthetics work, figure out the true love stuff, continue being a very big deal in a very small state, and a lot of random other sh*t.

Thanks for all following me here on the team website…now the adventure continues at theWongstar.com;)

space aliens in Korea

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

don't take over my brain!!!

White Tiger is a bit of a sci-fi geek and is convinced there are space aliens here in Korea. He covered himself with foil so the aliens can’t take over his brain.

Korean foil to fend off space aliens in Korea

Anyway, like the sign says, we are ready to go! I am feeling strong, confident, and happier than I’ve been in a while. *Big thanks and shameless plug for my wonderful new coach Becky May* ;)

this is at the swim start to reassure everyone who is nervous.

You can track us online on www.ironmanlive.com starting at 7am Korea time Sunday morning…which is um…6pm Delaware time Saturday night…and uh 3pm California time. I think I got that right! Bib #16! Maybe my lowest race number ever???

the crew ready to crush it!

Wongstar & White Tiger

P.S. Thanks everyone for the really nice and supportive emails, messages, comments etc about my big announcement. Some people didn’t actually read it all the way through and think I’m quitting the sport completely. Um, go read it again.

introducing the race sherpa

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Yesterday was my 2011 triathlon season opener, the New Jersey Devilman–about a third of the Ironman distance with a slightly longer bike (0.8-mile swim, 40.3-mile bike, 8.8-mile run) and actually the first triathlon I’ve done shorter than an Ironman in the last two years.

I ended up as 2nd woman overall and it was a great way to shake off the cobwebs since IMAZ back in November, get in a solid “speed” training day, test out some new race gear and of course prep my equipment with custom stickers and stuff!

we can't all be The Wongstar.

I had my aerodrink bottle Wongstar-ized, made a special edition Hello Panda bento box, and put on the new *pink!* Blaze Hydrotail from Beaker Concepts.

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes... LOVE is all around me and so the feeling grows...

I tried out my new Project X wetsuit from 2XU, aka the “Tron Wetsuit”, and it was super fast!

Project X!

I raced in my teamTBB edition golf ball aero helmet from Louis Garneau

the super fast golf ball helmet

Scottie had sent me my 2XU race uniforms since I missed the photo shoot in Thailand. Everything fit but the one-piece race kit, which was just too short for my long torso. It gave me a front and back wedgie, like I needed to be 3 inches shorter, so I ended up racing in my cycling kit which looked super sharp.

pic courtesy of Tri-Dawg Lenny

Most importantly I got to test out my new race sherpa, who made his triathlon debut. He won’t be coming to all my races since he is just a rookie sherpa and undergoing very intense training in order to become a full-fledged Ironman sherpa, but I think he performed rather well yesterday considering he had never been to a triathlon before.

I interviewed him after the race and finally started playing around with some video editing software, so hopefully this means I can post up more fun videos when I leave for Ironman China next week. I didn’t save it as a super high quality but that means it won’t take forever to download/upload.

Without further ado, here he is, with the race report! :)

YouTube Preview Image

how to throw an EGGcellent Easter EGGstravaganza

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

superstars throw the best parties! Here’s how to do it:

1. Order up a bunch of Haamonii Smooth Shochu to “share harmony” with all your friends. That’s the Easter spirit! (haha! that pun wasn’t originally intended and I didn’t catch it until I proof-read!)

Easter is an EGGcellent time to share harmony!

Order your own online at D&M spirits, free shipping! :D

2. Hit up the dollar store and buy $30 worth of Easter eggs (we got 112) and Easter candy. Including green Peeps and Winnie-the-Pooh Pez dispensers.

and I’ve probably said this before, but in Delaware, everything at the dollar store really *is* only a dollar because we have NOOOOO SALES TAX! I will not be getting over how awesome this is any time soon. (and this is EGGzactly why everyone should buy a bike at The Bike Boutique here. fact!)

3. No kids allowed. This is an Easter egg hunt for grown-ups!

4. Fill up the eggs with aforementioned candy, quarters, and hmmm “adult” items that ironically go against certain Easter-celebrating religions. Well, the Easter Bunny wasn’t in the Bible either.

5. Hide the eggs all around the house…our guests were really most EGGcited about finding the eggs with the quarters, go figure.

like a kid at the candy store, but with more money to spend!

6. There were two birthday guests. One of them got a really embarassing birthday gift that we made her open up in front of everyone. The other one was found passed out on top of the dryer with his feet in the washing machine at 3am. Photos will not be posted on this blog to protect the innocent, and instead kept for blackmailing purposes in the near future.

Hope you all had an EGGcellent Easter! For the fans who are concerned I am “socializing” more than I am training, never fear. I EGGzuberantly report that I’ve been having some of my strongest sessions yet (most EGGcellent!), which leave me rather…EGGzausted. No EGGzaggerating. Ok I better end this blog now… before you throw rotten eggs at me. ;)

How to win a free ipod: bodypaint.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

I’d be lying if I said the top model lurking inside of me isn’t sad to have missed the TBB family photo shoot in Thailand. So instead of modeling the new 2XU race kits and bike jerseys, I present to you a prize-winning photo I submitted for my alma mater’s “Most Amazing T-Shirt” contest.

As you might know, I went to this super nerdy tiny little college in southern California (a bit over 700 undergrads total). More than a third of the student body were kids that were either valedictorians or salutatorians in high school and everyone was an incredible overachiever. Since it’s basically a science & engineering school, we used to joke that the ratio of men to women was about “pi to one” (which would be almost 76% guys) but these days it’s about 65% guys.

The school? Harvey Mudd College. “Mudders,” as we’re called, go on to become geniusly successful overachievers. (Yes “geniusly” is a real word, says me.) In fact, CNBC recently had a list of the top 15 “Colleges That Bring The Highest Paycheck 2011″ and Harvey Mudd topped the list at #1 with graduates making a mid-career median salary of $126,000 and starting median salary of $68,900.

HOLY CRAP, I say. Knowing my own salary, and the fact that a good handful of my college friends are still in grad school or med school (those overachievers are getting their PhD’s and/or MD’s, and I’m serious about the “and/or”) we concluded that these salary numbers would actually be much higher without outliers such as ourselves.

Anyway, on that list, we beat out all the heavy-hitters like Stanford, MIT, Duke, CalTech, Harvard, and Princeton.

“But Harvey Mudd College?” you say. “I’ve even never heard of that school.”

And so HMC presented students and alumni with shirts that said “The Most Amazing College You’ve Never Heard Of.” We were then bribed with free ipod nanos as prizes for a photo contest where we could wear our shirts and compete in various categories: best school spirit, most unusual location, best science-related, best fashion statement, best group/family/community portrait, and best photo with someone famous.

Actually, alumni were bribed with free ipod nanos, students were bribed with restaurant gift cards. (They totally got the short end of the stick.) I currently have an ipod shuffle (my first one got stolen in the Philippines) but my ipod nano had gotten stolen in Thailand, and the generic cheapie ones I’ve bought seem to die quick deaths when bathed in sweat.

So I really wanted to win an ipod nano! I figured my best shot was to go with “best fashion statement” since we Mudders have a reputation for being well… dorky. (Explains a lot about me, doesn’t it?) My first idea was to just wear the shirt and bodypaint and nothing else, but after taking the first round of photos I had a feeling my mother wouldn’t approve. So short shorts and high heels it was. Which is still more than what I wear when racing. You can see all the photo entries on HMC’s Facebook page.

So guess what! I won! I won I won I won! :D

Wait, you already knew that because I said at the beginning of the post that it was a prize-winning photo.

I should really stop spoiling my own stories. :(

Anyway, let it be known to all current and potential sponsors that I will totally bodypaint your logos all over myself. I am also happy to dye my hair to your company colors. I got bored with purple, so the new flavor of the week is hot pink! I haven’t had hot pink in my hair since I raced the Singapore 70.3 a whole two years ago…whew time goes by when you’re having the best time of your life!

new colors only last 1.5 to 2 weeks with all this swimming :(

All right…that was just me saying the teamTBB photo shoot is not the same without this hot-pink-haired camera whore.

Your hair should always match your race kit :D

And just doing my part to promote the most amazing college you’ve never heard of. So now you’ve heard of it!

Trouble in Vegas 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I slipped away from the East Coast for a nice little break from the winter weather and even took an internet break when I was in Vegas. I was not about to pay $7/hour (or $50/week! WTF!) and it turns out my smartphone is on the short bus in certain locations (like inside a giant casino).

less debauchery during daylight. ;)

When I got back yesterday, the snow and ice had disappeared and it’s almost like San Francisco weather here in Delaware. The gas prices are ridiculously similar too, I was shocked at the 40-cent jump!


Anyway just like my last trip after IM St. George, what happens in Vegas is best not overly-described in a public blog and hey, maybe it was good I wasn’t able to blog from my so-called “smart”phone while I was…um…less inhibited. SO…if we were to do a word-vomit exercise, the 3.5 days spent in Sin City would go something like the following…please keep in mind we were traveling in a large group (over 10 of us) so not all of the following pertains to your favorite superstar. ;) Oh and I’ll intersperse some random photos taken mostly in the daylight when less debauchery was to be had:

you don't have to tip him if you take a photo of his back.

…Ultimate frisbee, skanky outfits, 99-cent frozen Bailey’s, blue suede shoes, Imperial Palace, blacked out,

O'Sheas has the best tasting slushee drinks and cheapest too! 99-cent frozen Bailey's: like a Frappuccino for grown-ups.

Haamonii Smooth Shochu, ROAD TRIP!!, 24-hour buffet bracelets,

buy the cup and get discounted refills!

bouncers, dancing, SmartEnergy, $16 Red Bull/vodkas, strippers,

proof I did something other than party for 3 days

grown-up slurpees, Chinese New Year, giant bunnies, Monty Python, Dr. Evil, Chipotle, Starbucks, tiaras,

giant bunny at the Bellagio Chinese New Year exhibit--very Monty-Python-esque

dessert at every meal, freakin’ awesome, complimentary bracelets, penny slots, trashed, 4am French fries, excess, floozy,

when in doubt, try one of each: the buffet @ Caesars'

chicken pot pie, Red Rock Canyon, bacon, wedding chapel, spankings, Elvis, tiny bladders, elephant bladders, bathroom attendants, rock stars, Hash House a go go,

quite possibly my new favorite restaurant: Hash House a go go, as seen on Man V. Food

QUADZILLA!!!, the Strip, downhills, Man V. Food, Girl vs. Food?, uphills, escalators,

longer than a foot-long and under $2!

slow elevators, super hilly marathon, CRAP!, dollar bills, girly drinks for boys, random travel sponsor run-in, Coyote Ugly, Minefield Dancers,

the money shot

shopping, hungover, chocolate, lions, first time, debauchery, stinky cleats, hot tub room, chafage,

I wore my tiara on the entire flight home.

tattoos, deep fried Reese’s, $25 lollipops, $1.99 footlong hotdogs…BEST VEGAS TRIP EVER!

There was actually swimming and biking and running involved, but no one really wants to hear about that.

the lower-calorie, hangover-free choice of triathlon superstars

I would like to thank Haamonii Smooth Shochu for sending us a case and ensuring that I was hangover-free the entire trip, though I can’t say the same for my fellow shenanigan partners. ;)

a look back at 2010 with Haamonii…in photos.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Happy New Year!

I have a longer, deeper blog in the works about my 2010 reflections but it takes a little more time to gather those thoughts into words and I figured it’s good to keep posting things up even if I have long strayed from the daily blogging streak.

I threw together some photos on Facebook of my year of “Sharing Haamonii” while racing the Ironman circuit for my liquor sponsor, Haamonii Smooth Shochu. You can check it out by clicking the photo below from New Year’s Eve. Privacy settings for that album should be open to everyone, even if you don’t have a FB account.

Sharing Haamonii in 2010!

Haamonii Smooth Shochu became my very first individual sponsor as a pro triathlete in early 2010 and sent me bottles of their distilled spirit to “share harmony” wherever I went in the world. As my official “post-race rehydration beverage” there were many opportunities to celebrate with new and old friends! Smoother than vodka, less calories, and no hangover. The choice of triathlon superstars! Learn more at their website, http://www.shareharmony.com/. Cheers!