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How to recover from Ironman like a superstar

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #17: Take your recovery seriously.

It’s been almost a week since Ironman Louisville and in another week I’ve got Ironman Wisconsin. Many have asked how I recover so fast from an Ironman, so I shall indulge you in some of my superstar secrets, what I do and what I don’t do.

Don’t stop moving. I like to get in a short easy spin the day after the race before I pack up White Tiger into his bike box. I get straight back into the pool right away as well, and can resume full-on swim training almost immediately, as there is no rest for the wicked bad swimmers. By the Wednesday after a Sunday race I can usually do an easy super-slow 20-30min run. I might feel tired, but not too sore or tight as long as I’ve kept moving. It’s when you don’t do anything at all for a few days…or week(s) that you stiffen up, which makes Ironman recovery even harder!

swimming at the cool quarry pool, Lakeside Swim Club in L'ville

As much as I enjoy perpetuating the myth that I can eat all kinds of crap food and ice cream every day, unfortunately I am not one of those naturally skinny garbage truck girls that can eat whatever they want and not get fat. I will happily eat the finish line pizza and have KFC (but only in Kentucky), but as my body is a finely-tuned specimen, it will start to feel like garbage if I feed it garbage.

iron, it's what's in EPO. Ok, not quite.

I was tickled and very proud that the Kentucky Beef Council was declared “official protein” of Ironman Louisville. I am a big believer in incorporating red meat into your diet and love steak and liver. I was once diagnosed as borderline anemic and my doctor had me take iron pills for a few months to boost my iron levels. I don’t really like taking pills and it made my poop a funny color, so now I just make sure I eat red meat regularly. Great source of protein and iron, the good stuff that all endurance athletes need to race well and recover well. Four-legged creatures are our friends indeed. ;)

The all-natural way…SLEEP!!! Your body is tired and needs rest. Post-race is when your body is most susceptible to getting sick, and whenever I feel that telltale tickle in the back of my throat whether in training or right after a race, I know it’s a sign I need to sleep more. If you are like me, you have trouble sleeping in, so the best way to get more sleep is to go to bed earlier. Load up!

my dog Guinness. I enjoy snapping him napping.

Like I just mentioned in #2, I don’t like to take any pills and supplements and as a pro triathlete have to be careful with these kinds of things as one day I will be fast enough to get pee-tested. I do like taking Emergen-C, though, which comes in a fizzy powder drink mix and is full of vitamins and minerals and electrolytes.

I’m partial to the Acai Berry flavor. It’s extra fabulous and most effective when blended with ice, blueberries, and Haamonii Smooth Shochu (lemon flavor)! Post-race recovery beverages are the best. :D

Wongstar does recovery right!

I’ve been asked about ice baths and massages. Pretty much no and no. When I ran track my freshman year in college (and got the injury that turned me into a triathlete), my coach would make me sit in the ice bath whirlpool after practice every afternoon with the other gimps. You know what? My injury never healed that season, but it turned me on to bike racing and then triathlon. I don’t believe in ice baths. You want to keep the blood moving, not slow it down. The only ice you’ll see me embrace is pictured above in #4. ;)

As for massage, I get the post-race Ironman massage, because it’s free. I got massages in Thailand and the Philippines because they were $5 an hour or cheaper. I can’t afford a massage here in America and so I don’t get them. I do keep TP massage balls around though, as my low back tends to get tight from riding in the aero position all the time and all this blogging and writing I do on my laptop.

Hope that helps. Happy recovery and see you in Wisconsin next weekend!

a blog about boobs.

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

This blog is dedicated to all the flat-chested young girls out there who maybe wish they had bigger boobs.

the view from the window of TBB Wilmington

See, I have always been one of the less-endowed chicks and long long ago back when I was not quite the triathlon superstar I was now, there was a time during those insecure awkward adolescent years when I actually kind of wished for bigger boobs.  Now I actually wish someone role-model-like, perhaps an Asian Triathlon Superstar, would’ve been there to tell my 13-year-old self to be proud of having “mosquito bites” rather than “juicy juicy mangos.”  –> from one of my favorite lines in the movie Bend It Like Beckham:

YouTube Preview Image

Really great movie about soccer girls (or I guess “footballers” since they are British) embracing being cool sporty chicks with small boobage.  Starring Keira Knightley before those Pirate movies and tight corsets, Jonathan Rhys Meyers before he was crowned King Henry VIII on the Tudors, and Parminder Nagra before her six seasons as an ER doctor. Speaking of corsets, I am definitely a fan; amazing how they enhance what little you have. I personally own three of them. :D

my glorious AA cups in the reflection

The B Cup Cafe was a super cute coffee place from my visit to NYC, where the small size is called “A Cup” and the large is “B Cup”.  I am more of an AA.

As I’d always suspected, bigger ones totally get in the way when you run and weigh you down…NY Times actually cites a research study investigating this! Oh yes: “Jiggle may make running both more difficult and injurious than it needs to be.” Bigger boobs are hazardous to your health and slow you down!

You may think that more boys will like you, or you will look better in a dress, but most of my more-endowed friends (who I am kidding, that’s all of them) would actually rather have smaller ones.  They complain of bras that don’t fit, back pain, and see, now they actually have done research suggesting they can cause higher bodily stress.  Selected quotes from said friends:

“Boobs are ridiculous…they make you look heavier than you are.  They are NOT meant for fashion….because cute fashion is meant for flat chested girls.  And you can NEVER go braless.” –Anonymous D-cup

“I switched to a one handed back hand ’cause my boobs get in the way.” –Anonymous C-cup tennis player

For all the boys that feel left out in this discussion, here is a whole website dedicated to Marvelous Man Boobs, by one of my favorite cartoonists, The Oatmeal.

So to my fellow flat-chested females, be proud of what you don’t have and think of how much faster you are because of it. There’s nothing sexier than going fast! ;)

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #16: Be proud of your body.

superstar secrets revealed!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Today was our first event at TBB Wilmington“The Secrets Behind the Success of teamTBB”.

opening the chamber of secrets...no Parseltongue needed.

I had printed out some autographable photos of myself (taken by Snap-Attack! back in Thailand). A triathlon superstar is always prepared.

you know you wants one.

Our adoring public included members of the University of Delaware triathlon training group, Team in Training, the teamTBB/Deep Blue cycling team, Tri-Dawgs, Coach Mac‘s athletes, and even a Slowtwitcher!

what a cool bike shop!

We all got to talk about being a part of teamTBB and how we’ve improved as athletes since being coached by The Boss.

I look like I have to pee, but I don't, really.

As promised, I came prepared with a Powerpoint Presentation. It was difficult, but I managed to condense the story of my triathlon life in only 9 slides. Impressive, no?

I am an expert on this topic.

I have had my share of critics tell me I have no right to call myself a superstar, as I am still not THAT fast. But as I was putting together my slides, it gave me a chance to step back and realize that what I’ve done in the last two years is pretty crazy. In a superstar-worthy kind of way.

The short version, if you are new to this blog: I spent 7 years as a mediocre age grouper with a 5:15 half IM PR and 12:08 IM PR. After being picked up as a teamTBB development athlete and about 12 months of online coaching with The Boss, I achieved a goal I had been going after for years: I finally broke 5 hours in a half ironman. Gosh, I thought that was the hardest thing I’d ever done. Then another 14 months later (many of those months spent at training camps), I broke 10 hours in an ironman.

WTF right? That’s like breaking 5 hours in two half ironmans back-to-back. Unfathomable. Did this really happen? Yes, and thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s all been captured in this very blog! :)

this is the slide with the secrets. oh you can't see it from this angle?

So I think I am allowed to be proud of myself. Yes, there is still much work to be done, but I will get there. Like James always says (and he autographed the wall with this), “Onwards and upwards!”

Batman signs the wall.

My homestay family, Super J and Super K, came to support their favorite triathlon superstar and learned even more about me than they expected! They thought they already knew all my secrets (especially all the fun dating stories) but they got an earful.

they housed me for 3+ weeks and still wanted my autograph.

Thank you to everybody who came today! Hope you enjoyed it and learned a bunch! Those of you who missed out…well, no secrets for you. ;)

a note about hard work.

Friday, August 20th, 2010

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #15: Don’t be a sloth.

the sloth at the infamous Brandywine Zoo

how to become a triathlon superstar…secrets revealed!!!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Really exciting! Our TBB store here in Wilmington is getting ready for our first big event. Bek and James are flying in and we all get to talk about some of our big training secrets. I’m stoked because I have never done a talk before as a pro triathlete. 15 minutes of fame baby! :D

I’m totally going to do a Powerpoint presentation on how I went from a 12- to 14-hour ironman age grouper to going pro and breaking 10 hours twice (I took over 2 hours off my Ironman PR last year). I love Powerpoint presentations! Especially when it’s a topic that I’m an expert on! And who’s more of an expert on myself other than…myself? ;)

Wait a second…I just looked at the schedule more closely…they said the three of us would get to talk for 15 minutes each. But it only gives us 30 minutes. How am I going to tell my whole life story in just 10 minutes? :( It will have to be the Cliff Notes version of “how to become a triathlon superstar…”

Well I hope to see all of you Wongstar fans who are within driving distance here on Saturday! “Driving distance” is completely open to interpretation! Other than my Powerpoint presentation, I need to print out more Wongstar autograph cards.

You gotta RSVP to make sure you are on the guest list… email wilmington@thebikeboutique.com to let us know you’re coming!

Sandwich gets a bath.

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

ready, aim, fire!

One of my bartering for rent specialties is giving stinky dogs a bath. Maddie the dalmatian got one in Spokane and today it was Sandwich’s turn here in Delaware.

Now these pictures are not nearly as exciting as last year’s bike bath post, but everything in my world is at least somewhat exciting. Right? ;)

Everything you’ll ever need to clean a smelly dog: ginormous bag of dog treats, a towel, special dog shampoo, scary-looking metal fur-scraping brush, and a spray nozzle.

anyone who knows the significance of 42 knows the significance of... the towel.

Oh yes, and one very smelly, dirty dog.

the unsuspecting victim.

Be sure to assert your authority. Who’s alpha here, bitch?! (Sandwich is a girl dog. I, um, never say bad words.)

shampoo away! I can't imagine not showering less than 3x/day.

Dogs look so funny when they are wet, don’t they? :D

wet dog!

Here she looks like an evil werewolf or something:

like the CGI ones in Twilight!

I brushed her again after some time in the sun, and there was enough fur to make a wig. In case she ever goes bald.

maybe I can donate it to dogs that are undergoing chemo.

Keep it clean, everyone. And by “it,” I mean your dog, your personal hygiene, and…your blood. :)

Why TBB Wilmington is my fave bike shop.

Sunday, August 8th, 2010
Welcome to Delaware

Welcome to Delaware

So I landed in Delaware, nicknamed “The First State” as it was the very first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. When did they sign it? Just look on the state flag:

They are so proud of being the first state that many businesses here incorporated it into their names: First State Lanes (bowling), First State Ballet Theatre, First State Health & Wellness, First State Towing, First State Gymnastics, First State Automotive…you get the idea.

Obviously it was only suitable to open the first American TBB store in the first state. You know what else? There’s NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE. You totally want to buy your very own White Tiger (the 2010 Cervelo P3) here. Heck, upgrade to the P4 with the money you save! ;)

Randy, the shop manager, picked me up from the Amtrak station and took me to the latest and greatest Bike Boutique shop. After having visited the TBB stores in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, I realized immediately why this one was my new favorite.

holy crap, I am larger than life!

holy crap, I am larger than life!

Randy then twisted my arm and forced me to autograph the wall.  And you thought all that autographing practice was in vain, didn’t ya?

ooh yeah, whos laughing now?

ooh yeah, who's laughing now?

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #14: Autograph your larger-than-life-size likeness on the wall of a bike shop.

practice makes perfect!

signing my boobs. OK not quite, just below them.

And thus I became the first TBB athlete to sign the wall in the first TBB USA bike shop in the first state.

yes, it says I HEART DELAWARE

yes, it says "I HEART DELAWARE"

My brother from another mother, Scottie, also graces the wall in his blueseventy Helix wetsuit:

its Scottie!  AKA Robin

it's Scottie! AKA "Robin"

Rumor has it that Batman and Robin will be heading here later this month…in the meantime, I am enjoying being the only TBB celebrity pro triathlete in Wilmington, DE. :D

Lessons of a Future Superstar: IM CDA 2010

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Well, Coeur d’Alene was not a spectacular race for me–I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a bad race, because like all races it was a great learning experience. So what do you do after a not-so-spectacular race? You learn from your mistakes and move on to the next race. I guess for me, the moving on part is really complete after I write up my race report.

So I learned during the bike that I actually have hot male fans who are my age. One of them told me that the highlight of his week is reading my blog. So sorry, random hottie for not posting anything for 2 weeks now. I am sure it was a sad 2 weeks for you. I’ve been stuck in blogger purgatory because I refuse to write a new blog until I’ve done the race report…and it’s always hard writing up a race that wasn’t so great. More fun to write about, say, online dating shenanigans.

Since I’m not too motivated to go over every blow-by-blow per usual, instead you are getting the “concise” version of everything the Wongstar learned during Ironman CDA. If you are easily offended by references to #1 and #2 you can skip this one. (If you are clueless, go on Urban Dictionary.)

ready set go pros!

ready set go pros!

The swim:

I learned that a 35-minute headstart on the age groupers was not enough for me. It was pretty devastating to come out from my first lap and see that the age groupers had already gone off.

I learned that my swim fitness has gone kaput and the swim experiment of the last 4 months hasn’t been working. So now back to doing whatever got me down to a 1:05 last year…because a 1:22 is just WRONG. I know I have it in me to go faster.

at least I look good in my blueseventy Axis?

at least I look good in my blueseventy Axis?

In T1:

I learned that I had a Wongstar fan volunteering in the change tent, she was awesome, thank you. :D

I also learned you get the whole tent to yourself when you are a slow pro swimmer with a 35-minute headstart on the amateurs.

ironically some people yelled great swim! because 47mins would be SMOKIN for an age grouper!

ironically some people yelled "great swim!" because 47mins would be SMOKIN' for an age grouper!

On the bike…

I learned that there are hot boys my age who are Wongstar fans. Wait I said that already. ;)

maybe Hello Pandas in the back pockets arent so aero but bonking is even worse.

maybe Hello Pandas in the back pockets aren't so aero but bonking is even worse.

I learned that if you are biking so slow that it feels like the brakes are on…you might want to check your brakes.

Yep, 4.5 hours into the ride I learned that my rear brake was rubbing. I had diligently checked them on race morning and I think the whole rear caliper was side-shifted when I hit a bump on the bike. I wasn’t sure why I was going slower than I had expected (first loop took 2:50) and it finally started squeaking as I trudged up a hill around mile 80. ARGHHHH

Unfortunately the way the rear calipers are set up on the P3 required me to remove the whole thing to fine-tune the adjustment. Sooo…I had to hang out on the side of the road and get that adjusted. On one hand, I was somewhat relieved there was an explanation on why I was going so slow…on the other hand I was so far behind the other pro women by that point.

Well, I learned the hard way to make sure all my bolts are tightened before a race–even if things seem like they are lined up okay, they might be loose.

going nowhere fast--check your brakes!

going nowhere fast--check your brakes!

One of the big highlights of my day: I learned how to do a #1 on the bike for the first (and second!!) time ever!!!

I am so proud of that moment that it deserves to be a superstar step…I felt so “pro.” Yep, How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #12: Learn to “go” on the bike.

I am sure many of you are surprised I have never done this before…I mean, even age groupers do this all the time. But you see, as an overachiever since birth, I was potty-trained at an extremely early age–before I turned a year old. Google tells me that the average age of potty training for girls is 2 to 3 years. Slackers. So it’s been hard for me to reverse 27 years of self-control and mentally allowing myself to just let go while biking (or running, and heck even going in my wetsuit took a while). We all remember the shame of having “an accident” at preschool or kindergarten. I tend to get stage fright with people around me too.

If you are wondering how, because you haven’t, and of course you want to be a superstar too: it was easier when going downhill. Stand up on the pedals and relax. You won’t splash the bike bottle on your downtube thanks to Newton’s First Law of Motion.

no, I wasnt going in this picture.

no, I wasn't "going" in this picture.

In T2:

I learned not to panic about how far behind I was. I was freaking out and rushing through and asking the volunteers “How far behind am I?!?!” and my Wongstar fan/change tent volunteer told me not to worry about it and that I was doing great. That was a total lie, but whoever you are, thank you for the kind words and support. It did mean a lot to me and I’m sorry I didn’t get to thank you in person as I was pretty frazzled. :)

I learned that Wongstar fans will still love you and root for you no matter how far behind you are starting the marathon–this proved to be true during most of the run. Thank you for everyone that cheered for me. It is pretty cool when people you don’t know yell “Go Jocelyn!” when your bib number says “Wongstar.” So like I always say, obviously I am the most recognizable pro out there. :)

Onto the run:

I learned that I can run 7:40/mile pace and feel under control.

holding steady for the marathon

holding steady for the marathon

I learned that I should really race in a 2-piece outfit because as much as I love my one-piece race kit, like T-Mac once asked me “but what happens if you have to use the washroom?” (That’s Canadian-speak for taking a #2.)

Yes, after a great first half-marathon, I learned that having the urge to drop off the kids at the pool is very uncomfortable for 13 miles.

the dont crap yourself face

the "don't crap yourself" face

I learned (in hindsight) it is probably better to stop and spend some time in the “washroom” instead of slowing down to avoid soiling yourself. Dropping the kids off at home was never an option because that is House Rule #1 for staying with the Lee’s. (I told them the only exception should be if I was winning the race but Susan says no exceptions.) I was wearing my one-piece though with the Camelbak strapped on and it didn’t occur to me that stopping to lose a pound or two would make me go faster.

I learned that I can have a not-spectacular run and still break 3.5 hours in the marathon. So, that is definitely PROGRESS!

I learned that no matter how far behind I am hitting T2, I can mentally pull myself together and focus on running a strong marathon as a great training session. I will never drop out of a race just because I am lightyears from winning prize money and many more lightyears from winning the race.

I learned that even with a mechanical on the bike and slowing down significantly on the second half of my run, I still almost managed to run myself up to top 10 in the pro ranks. Maybe given another mile or two…for my efforts I ended up in 12th. I never actually caught anyone but 5 women dropped out. So uh, technically I beat them. ;)

I learned that no matter what, running through the finish chute of an Ironman is still one of the BEST feelings ever:

YouTube Preview Image


I learned that these random hot boys my age are probably a figment of my imagination as they seem to disappear post-race, probably to the comfort of their girlfriends and wives who are playing sherpa for them (vomit!).

a smile for the finish, 5 seconds before the Christmas tree allergies kicked in.

a smile for the finish, 5 seconds before the Christmas tree allergies kicked in.

I shall live to fight another day.

Thank you to all my sponsors for your continued support!

the 2010 All-American Superstar Summer Tour

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

So most of my TBB brothers and sisters are over in Switzerland for summer training camp. I, too, was just about to click “purchase” for my air tickets to Europe when the Boss re-assigned me to a new (not-so-)secret mission: stay on home soil here in the USA and tackle every single American Ironman on the WTC circuit this summer.

…because everybody knows one of the early steps to complete and utter world domination on the path to becoming an international triathlon superstar is step #11: conquer all the races in your very own backyard.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Especially with this new $750 WTC pro license where I automatically get “free” entry to every Ironman. This wasn’t the case last year, where you couldn’t always get into a race for free if you were a brand spankin’ new pro. When I forked over my $785 ($35 service charge) back in January, I had half jokingly declared that I would get my money’s worth by racing every single WTC event. The Boss, however, was not joking.

I will miss my teammates and Coach this summer but I suspect this solo mission is also A Test. Yes, Coach enjoys testing us, especially when we are young Padawans with much to learn. Just like That Test I had when left in Korea for 3 weeks by myself when everyone had left and gone to Kona.

And like a true superstar hitting the road, this is going to be fun and exciting and full of shenanigans (my favorite word in case you haven’t noticed), because I am going on a tour of the United States and will get to race more (and for much cheaper) than I would in Europe. I’ve packed for 3+ months away from home and will be living out of my suitcase jumping from homestay to homestay.

What’s the race schedule look like? Well, American Wongstar fans rejoice. I’ll be on the start list of any and every M-dot Ironman race on the calendar. You can take a look at the updated race schedule on my newly revamped official website, www.theWongstar.com. Oh yes, “coming soon to a town near you!” indeed.

Here’s the lay of the land and master plan:

0. Pacifica, California: Wongstar’s home base headquarters
1. Spokane, Washington & Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: Summer Headquarters #1 and Ironman #1
2. Lake Placid, New York: Ironman #2
3. Wilmington, Delaware: site of the first Bike Boutique USA aka Summer Headquarters #2
4. Louisville, Kentucky: Ironman #3
5. Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin: Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour & Ironman #4

This morning saw me going from Point 0 to Point 1 to kick off the first leg of my tour. You know, last summer I mastered the art of packing light for the whole Korea to Europe to Korea trip but I seem to have reverted back to my old ways. I mean, just like my friend Lady Gaga who is also on tour this summer (our summer tours will be colliding in Wisconsin so we can catch up and make guest appearances for each other), it’s important to pack enough for the many wardrobe changes. Including the fabulous cowboy boots I got in Cozumel last November.

aw thanks, I really do feel welcome here!

aw thanks, I really do feel welcome here!

So Spokane (basically Coeur d’Alene’s neighboring city) welcomed me with open arms today and will be my headquarters for the next 2 months leading up to Lake Placid.  My college triathlon club coach Mike and his wife Susan have generously adopted me, and here is my new roommate Maddie hanging out with the cowboy boots and summer tour wardrobe.

as I kid I loved the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, now I get to borrow this one!

as I kid I loved the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, now I get to borrow just this one for a couple months!

More Spokane adventures coming soon, I also found out while perusing the airline magazine that the Star Wars Symphony is coming here on the 19th!!! Which means that I only have 11 days to find a nice geeky boy to take me. ;)

That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas

Monday, June 7th, 2010

How to become an international triathlon superstar, step #10: Party like a rockstar. (But only at appropriate times, e.g. after races. Really.)

soundtrack for the weekend: Katy Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas”

YouTube Preview Image
(Best to play this while reading the blog.)

So it was Scottie’s first time ever in Vegas, and my first time there as a “grown-up.” HAHA…and by “grown-up” I mean over 21. I lived in Vegas for 10 weeks during the summer of 2002. I was only 20 and didn’t have a fake ID, but was also training for my first Ironman and working as a research assistant at the university. So I never had the true debaucherous Vegas experience…until after Ironman St. George!

We had to do the requisite daytime activities…

Scottie with Black Betty & White Tiger, highly entertained

Scottie with Black Betty & White Tiger, highly entertained

Like see the fountains at the Bellagio…

the big climax!

the big climax!

Take a bike tour up and down the Strip on our Cervelos…

heading towards New York, New York

heading towards New York, New York

oops, I forgot to take off my dorky helmet sticker.

oops, I forgot to take off my dorky helmet sticker.

Then of course as night fell, the normal Vegas shenanigans involving gambling, drinking, partying, and stealing tigers ensued.

at the cigar shop

at the cigar shop

Scottie’s big sis Heather was our entertainment sponsor for the weekend and we got to stay with her at Mandalay Bay and then the Luxor. BIG THANK YOU TO HEATHER!!! The elevators at the Luxor were a bit dodgy actually since they go up the sides of the pyramid. Everything was Egyptian themed, as you can see in the sheets here:

very important to rehydrate after an Ironman

very important to rehydrate after an Ironman

Oh yes, there was also the crucial task of rehydrating properly post-race. Luckily I had bottles from my liquor sponsor Haamonii Smooth Shochu on hand. If you mix one part Haamonii Lemon with one part Lemon-Lime Gatorade and pour over ice, you get your electrolytes and it’s pretty low-calorie too! ;)

Ran and Scottie playing Blackjack

Ran and Scottie playing Blackjack

Our buddy Ran from New Jersey also raced in St. George and showed us how to properly win money in Vegas. I hung out at the roulette table while they were at Blackjack…but like Lady Gaga says “Russian roulette is not the same without a gun.”

Being a broke-ass student most of my adult life, and now a broke-ass pro triathlete who did not win any prize money in St. George, I have never been a fan of gambling. But on a whim I passed by the nickel slots during a potty break and being the high roller I am, put in a WHOLE DOLLAR. Then I won big time and knew just when to cash out:

oh yes, I quintupled my money baby!

oh yes, I nearly quintupled my money baby!

When Scottie saw my voucher, he made me put it into the electronic blackjack table at the dueling piano bar. (Very highly recommended if you go to New York, New York.) I kept winning and wanted to cash out but Scottie pressured me to keep playing. Finally when I was up to $8.90 I cashed out. WOOHOO! I was so proud I wanted to take another photo of my voucher but Scottie said NO. :( But seriously, my $1.00 got me $8.90! Winner winner chicken dinner! :)

New York New York, where I won almost $9!

New York New York, where I won almost $8!

Our last night was the biggest and blurriest. You know how they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? It’s because you don’t always remember what happened in Vegas, well and also because there are parents (mine) and young children (not mine!) that read this blog.

Just listen to the Katy Perry song. At some point there was indeed a lost hotel key, dirty looks, Elvis…and then crap, just like in the Hangover, at some point I realized I lost my friend Scottie. I even checked the roof of Ceasar’s Palace to no avail. No tigers were stolen, but the lions at MGM Grand were most definitely declared missing at about 4am.

who stole the lions?  It wasnt me, I swear!

who stole the lions? It wasn't me, I swear!

And no, me and Scottie did not get hitched. At least, not to each other. ;)

Well somehow we both survived and lived to blog about it. I am actually going back to Vegas on Tuesday…well just to fly through en route to Spokane, Washington for my next adventure. I am not hungover any more so I promise to blog more often. :D