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bustin’ myths about pageants and punkins

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Oh gosh, we are overdue for a superstar step.

How to Become An International Triathlon Superstar, Step #21: Work your superstar persona to get on internationally-broadcasted television with international TV stars.

with Adam of the Mythbusters

So you remember how excited I was about entering this year’s Punkin Chunkin Pageant? Well, the day came today. I’d be working the event for MSN TV to do a story on the Discovery Channel/Science Channel Thanksgiving Day broadcast of the 25th annual Punkin Chunkin World Championship.

I shopped for a cute outfit. I practiced my speech. I watched America’s Next Top Model and worked on my stage walk.

The pageant was at 12:30pm. They said to get there by 11:30am, 12noon at the latest. But “come early to avoid traffic.” Ominous.

We left the hotel (15 miles away) at 10:30. I had to get in my morning workouts before we left, of course. Priorities! At 11:15am we got in a huge line to the parking area. Which was 5 miles away. At 11:55am we were still at least 4 miles away and I realized I was very likely going to miss the competition.

At 1:30pm we were finally in. Yep. I missed the whole damn pageant. Who knew it would take 3 hours to drive 15 miles? I regretted leaving White Tiger in the hotel room because I could’ve easily biked there in time! :(

Ah well. No worries. The pageant director still gave me my pumpkin tiara and contestant sash…because it’s America, where everyone’s a winner. People still congratulated me and wanted to take photos with me.

of course there is pumpkin funnel cake!

For consolation, I went to watch the pumpkin firing machines and hunt down the Mythbusters; we tried the pumpkin pie and of course pumpkin funnel cake. All in the name of journalism of course.

I got to meet Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame (the duo is hosting the Punkin Chunkin TV broadcast), intending to interview him. Instead, they turned the tables around after hearing about my ridiculous pageant-that-never-happened story and interviewed ME for the show. :)

little did they know, I am used to being interviewed. ;)

I guess they know superstar quality when they see it! ;)

I got to show them my pageant queen wave too.

In conclusion, I got air time on TV for actually missing the pageant, whereas the actual winners did not. Who’s the real winner? :D

I am such a cheese. I know.