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Danke Africa

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

So my African adventure is over :( .  During our last week James and I were lucky enough to get hold of U2 360 degree tour tickets.  If anyone has seen the Slane castle U2 tour DVD you will understand my excitement surrounding this day out.  Actually I get pretty excited about any day out these days; my cage gets claustrophobic sometimes ;)

Our adventure started with a drive to Cape Town.  Since James lent me his car and I gave multiple drivers the finger he seems to find ways to stop me driving.  It does have his name plastered over the side of it, so I kind of understand.  I understand less, why it’s necessary to beep me 0.1 secs after the light turns green, whilst I’m busy fixing my mascara ;) -bite me! Hihi.

So James drove the whole way and I slept and was Dj…An ace Dj at that.  Franshoek, where James’s parents live is possibly the most beautiful place in the world.  Surrounded by wine farms, mountains and beautiful 1900 villas it is difficult to imagine why you would want to live anywhere else.  I judge places on my standard of sleep and here the wind hummed through the windows, the crickets chirped merrily and the stars shone bright.  It was pure.

The U2 concert was also pure.  Pure class.  Amazing, brilliant, unique.  Bono followed us back to Franshoek for lunch on Sunday but we were otherwise occupied :)

So my Asian adventure can now begin.  As the team steadily arrive I get more and more in mode.   It’s always entertaining getting to know and re-know everyone’s little ways and personalities in and out of training.  I love to chat but as soon as tri talk begins away from the training I shut up – a sure fire way to get me outta there (hint to my training partners).   If you have the energy to talk shit after training you weren’t exhausting your resources in training.  Shopping however is the opposite and should be discussed before, during and after the main event- at any opportunity.

Anyway my next blog will be a ‘what’s to know about bike travel and fees’ there will  probably be a whole load of moaning about airline policy but today I’m happy and won’t be moaning.  I will say however I felt like I was in a movie script after the events in Cape Town airport and now have a very strong opinion on corruption in politics and how it influences corruption in society, blimey-did I just write that?

Downtime in South Africa

Closing thank you to all the amazing people I have been lucky enough to meet in South Africa.  Jason Cunnama you were the most gorgeous host ever, the rest of the Cunnamas, Colin, Richard, Glynis, Alexa, Kelly and Blain, and everyone else ..Cheers J  and African elephants are way better than Indian ones…xx