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‘Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly’ « Jodie Swallow's Blog


‘Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly’

One of my favourite things as a kid was to look through my family photo albums.  We had hundreds and hundreds of pictures.  I used to get up at 4am at the weekends- presumably because I was unhinged- go in the lounge and pile the albums up whilst watching some inappropriate (Rated 15) film in the background.

 I loved the smell of photos, I loved the layout of the album and I loved the wait to collect the films and see if any of the 24 pictures I had taken rendered useful at all.  Remember those times when the film got exposed and it cost £4 to process 24 black films hihi

Nowadays digital cameras allow for a multitude of sins….if its shite-delete it, if you don’t like it delete it, if it evokes bad memories -delete it.  The digital camera is to photography is what email is to letters.  There’s no romance anymore.

I loved calligraphy as a kid too.  I am a total geek, I know.  Now I only hold a pen to sign a cheque.  I’d ask for a Parker fountain pen on every Christmas list I ever wrote.  These were the days when losing a pen was a big trauma.  The days when you had to carry ink cartridges that splattered all over your bag.  Days that have been lost with the shitty Biro.

The reason I sparked off reminiscing as I just gave Brett a playlist CD as he is driving all the way to Phuket – this time without ‘Team Hop Along’ (Nicola and I).  It reminded me of the days when boys used to give you mix tapes when they fancied you.  A love letter in music J  I guess we can make playlists and CD’s now but there’s no room for those sweet moments when the tape runs out mid song or there is slightly too long a pause between songs where the boy lost concentration.  There’s no room for perfecting that emergency stop -just before the DJ begins to chatter on the Top 40 rundown.

We should remember these lost art forms because it was art.  Memories, love and effort –pure emotions that just can’t exist in the same form anymore.  And we should be careful to replace them with a matching amount of time, thought and effort. 

In an effort to live a happier life I make these promises to myself;

  • To run without an iPod occasionally
  • To wear an old cotton t-shirt from time to time when I run and feel the hotness and heaviness as it gets sweatier
  • To print digital photos out and put them in an album for people to flick through
  • To drink real Ribena and not feel guilty about the e numbers in it
  • To suck the salt off crisps and put the crisps in the bin
  • To write my loved ones letters instead of emails from time to time
  • To always to send real Christmas cards
  • To make playlists for people and spend time thinking about them
  • To write a log book -not type it
  • To keep my race numbers like I used to
  • Not to answer my Skype/msn/phone/facebook when I am having a conversation/watching a film/having a massage/warming up/making love…..seriously let’s get a grip here ;)

I feel happier already

J x

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