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Cervelo Brain Bike 2011 « Jodie Swallow's Blog


Cervelo Brain Bike 2011

Most days we swim, bike, run, sleep, eat and this goes on routinely for infinite periods of time.  Sometimes, I go stir crazy without races to break up the weeks.  Sometimes, I just live in my hole and thrive on its simplicity and my tiredness.  Occasionally, Brett throws us a rope-whether it be a day off or a sponsorship duty.  That would be a rarity- not an occasionally to be honest.

Thus, James and I found ourselves smashed and tired but on an adventure- driving my little Ford Focus to Geneva…. en route to Newark…..en route to Denver…. en route to Vail, Colorado.

 We were to attend our sponsor Cervelo’s annual ‘Brain Bike’ conference as the representatives of Team TBB.  I was chosen for being the most gorgeous, attentive and bike brained of the squad….James -because he’s allowed to share my room and Brandon because he says he once was an engineer….hmmm-who believes that?! ;)


Just one note about the travel……Continental was appalling.  Airlines no longer sit people on the same ticket together because theyare so flipping overbooked.  Not even parents and kids…the world has gone crazy.

Arriving in Vail was magical, the drive up from Denver- breath-taking, in more ways than one.  The hotel was bliss, open fireplace,  an outdoor lap pool all surrounded by mountains (real ones not like these ickle Swiss ones ;) ) .  There was a  stunning rapid river- visible from the hot tub with overflowing sides –like you see in brochures…..bliss.  It was bliss even though we were training, working, jetlagged and at 2600m.

The Brain Bike conference was a well-oiled machine of riding, entertainment, presentation and networking.  All distributors of Cervelo in the US and Canada were invited along with Garmin Cervelo riders, mechanics, management and of course – us.

 We woke early (very early due to jetlag and my obsession with Serena William’s ass at Wimbledon), primarily though to ride with the staff and guests.  Just an easy, jet lagged spin with a few Garmin Cervelo pro riders, at 2600m on a brand new if a little oversized S5…..piece of piss…

Yes, the S5.  The focus of the conference was the launch of this incredible machine and as such distributors and we-the athletes, got to sample its delight for two days in Vail before anyone- bar the Garmin team.  Even, they received their bikes just two weeks before the ‘Tour De France’ to maintain its anonymity… (Not sure I’d be too happy with that to be honest!!)  Still, Thor seems to be ok with it.

It was cool, I’m not going to pretend I’m a slave to statistics, but they are all there.  The S5 has been proven in wind tunnels to be stiffer, more aerodynamic and lighter than the S3 which in turn out classes any other road bike.   Cervelo continues to lead the way in product design and development, the 2012 product line is very exciting and this can only mean good things for TBB.  They can come up with the products and we will continue to work our arses off in training.  Between meetings we continued to train hard in Vail -despite the travel and altitude.  I’ll admit it to you guys (not to Bryan or James), that swimming that high is nasty. 

Thank you to Cervelo for such a smooth, well organised and informative event.  It was a privilege to meet and be part of such a professional, friendly and productive team.

Just a note about the journey back…..Lufthansa sucks…utterly and truly….no televisions, tiny seats, packed plane, big fat man next to me, same ‘don’t sit people together policy’…..1990 TOTP on the four TV screens for 150 people and possibly the most expensive tickets I have seen for a transatlantic flight.  Just calling them out – they deserve it for 24 hours of painful, uncomfortable travel.

Now I’m back in Leysin, happy, training hard and getting ready to race.  The season has been delayed because of a foot injury but it’s far from over and I’ll be beginning to race in the very near future beginning with a little spin up an Alpe called Huez ;)  


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