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When Foot Takes Over « Jodie Swallow's Blog


When Foot Takes Over

They say karma’s gonna getya.  Damn they are right.

After living with James for so long- a love for his taste in music has silently crept upon me.  I find myself mumbling Springsteen, Clapton, (even Air Supply ;) ), far too often and thus last night I did the dirty deed.  I stole his music files.

I was so much looking forward to my new playlist and it was the honey in the bitterness of waving goodbye to my boy in Aigle.  I get to run home accompanied by the old rock classics.

So I set off up the mountain (yes-don’t ask ;) ).  Press play…….Fine, OK…….Hang on is it on repeat? ….shit, it’s the only bloody song on there.  The ipod has been restored to owning a title of one song.

http://youtu.be/TbfYAYNFOos When Love takes Over………..x 16

It actually could have been worse….it could have been Air Supply, surely I would have been crying by round 5.

As I ran on, I made up new lyrics for my coach.  ‘When foot takes over, oh yeh, you know u can’t deny’……-you can replace foot with knee or toe or head or bum etc depending on your injury.

He has been saying it all along.  I’m such a lucky athlete.  I have lots of great tools, I live in the mountains, I have all I need, the kindest, most genuine friends, an amazing boyfriend, a great family and yet I let a sore foot cause mayhem wherever it is planted.  Swimming pool, cleat, treadmill, and pavement have all suffered the plague of my foot injury.  I’m really sorry.  Foot took over.

Anyway end of chapter, lesson learnt.   Everyone knows it’s coming right because the smile and the attack are back.  And everything is rosy again.   Next time I promise I will do my best to make sure that an injury will never determine my mood.  In the end it’s an injury and it will come right.   Work and talent will shine as always and titles shall be reclaimed.

If you are injured-remember that, it’s so easy to forget.  And don’t steal music ;)

J x

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