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I thought I’d write an informative, relevant and inspiring blog this afternoon but the little boy in the flat below has fried my tolerance level to such that I can only write gobbledegook and mild trivia at this time.   I’d  write for ‘Heat’ over ‘The Times’ any day anyway.

If you want to learn about triathlon then this blog is definately for you.  Our team is the best in the world and now when you see my teammates you will recognise them as mega triathlon stars and not the megastars they so identically look like.  Thus, instead of asking them for an autograph -you can approach them and ask them questions about triathlon……they will be honest, forthright and lovely….unlike many educational forums about triathlon.

Also please post any other ones you can think of on the www.teamtbb.com forums :)

  • Mr Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 91210 Baby) is actually a TeamTBB triathlete ironman and coach.  No wonder he doesn’t want a girlfriend….he has the beautiful Megan Fox on the sly.   Funnily enough, I saw an old episode of  91210 in Copenhagon and Brian’s character was taking Tori Spelling’s to a hotel to try and get his dirty way with her.   Very funny – not that it is relevant in any way haha :)

Scottie D!!!!

  • They say that your past determines your future. Well this explains everything.  ’Especially for you’ was my first record, I had all of Kylie and Jason’s albums and I covered my school books in their posters.  I would throw a tantrum if Dad forgot to record Neighbours whilst we were swimming so we could watch it over dinner.  Jason was my first true love and  I was a brat, yes ;) . More importantly Mr Jason Donavon is……..

James Cunnama

  • Ok, a lot of athletes have a look and it can be very different on and off the field of play. This tennis player has stolen her look from one of our Team TBB girls.  No doubt.  I’m not positive about who is older although I have a feeling it’s my girl? ?? (I’m going to get shit for that).  Anyway, if I’m right the identity theft is confirmed…Sam Stozer is…..

The beautiful Bek Keat!

  • With the floppy hair, winning smile, dark good looks and a wonky nouse ;) -this one is pretty obvious….Team TBB’s version of Cruise is not weird and he doesn’t jump on couch’s but maybe that is because he married for love …ahhh!!!!  Tom Cruise is….

Brandon Marsh :)

  • The awesomeness of figure, stature and power of Xena Warrior Princess, can be matched by….our own…..

Caroline Steffen :) fortunately she is a peace keeper ;)

  • Can I do Encino man? Oh, I think I must- but only because he gets all the ladies, has amazing legs and has a little improvement to make on his English ;) Everyone loves Encino man and everybody loves……

Our Georg :) (He is the tall one ;) )

  • and………………….

Jewel – could be confused as a prettier version of….

Me :) (apparently-although this lookalike dates back to my days at school- which is an awful long time ago.  The botox and surgery we have both had may have sent our faces in contrasting directions).

So there we have it…..celebrities have nothing on the equally able faces of our team.  Yes, they have bigger bank balances but do they get to train 6 hours a day?  Who wants the life of a star anyway?  Now, I will speak to you soon ,I must go and find my agents number……..

J x

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