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Monday, March 30th, 2009

well, i m now in australia!

It s been a great trip so far…. long flight….big jet lag! cold weather, great friends to catch up with… a car breakdown and waiting for a tow truck for 5h, and many many more adventure. And a very poor internet connection in the moment so i can barely get online…..

But i just wanted to put a little note for the boys, I went for a run in the park near the opera house today… this is the site where my good friend Simon Whitfield ran a amazing race sprinting by everyone to capture the first goal medal of our sport at the olympic games. I enjoy seening where all this happen and run the course like simon did 9 years ago. As i ran on the final streach of road that is a very busy place with tons of coffee shop and building…. i heard someone screaming my name………JONNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYOOO…..

Wow… who know me here??? well, it s was Isla Fisher…well know australian actress and a huge fan of me and team TBB. She went on to tell me how much she like us and read my blog at jonnyoworld on a daily basis and often reread the same blogs 10 times because she like them so much!!! She said she work on her 800m sets on a weekly basis…. I lost complete interest in her when she told me that she actually walk the recovery 200m part of the intervals…. definitly not my kind of girl… that one is for you Zach….call her!

she insisted on taking a pictures and leaving me a note…. oh well….

Film Title: Definitely, Maybe Metro-SHD by you.

life as usual in subic bay

Friday, March 20th, 2009

this morning started as usual….. big zach thinking he is a squirel and jumping all over the place!!!! For some, this might seems like abnormal behavior but after 8 weeks of training camp, we do act strangly from time to time….

010 by you.

Got to the pool for a great workout! it s was sunny and hot. Doc it s all good, we get the work done!!!!

015 by you.

Zach enjoying every once of it!

025 by you.

Math helping Keegan with some technical aspect….”the feel of water” nice relax recovery arm…. doc put lot of focus on this with us…

017 by you.


020 by you.

last week in subic bay

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I only have one week left here in subic bay. It s been one amazing training camp. Very different from what i seen in the past. I have a really wonderfull new team!

The last 10 days of training have been extremly challenging on many aspect. The constant tiredness and heavy legs make for some grumpy moods on my part. I have learn that when you show up at a workout, always expect the worst! If you go to the track, expect the session to be 3h! If it s the pool, well, you might just have ti sprint all morning long in a giant no lane rope lane with tusnamie waves and high elbows and sharp paddles flying all over the place and knocking you off!

On the bike, it s a bit more consistant. It s hot all the time! There is only one road and you go back and forth on it! and back and forth…we did a lot…at 45 rpm most of the time!!!!

I have to comfess that i m looking forward to a change of scenery…. I m heading to australia for 10 days! I will be staying in sydney with my very good friend Julien that i havent seen for years! I will be racing ironman australia on april 5th and flying back afterward to new mexico where i will finaly enjoy a nice few relax morning with REAL coffee and jordi girl sitting next to me on the couch!!!

boring blog???? lets be honest

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

ok, so i have receive a number of complain that my blog was very boring. Well, i just dont know what to write on here so i decided to be honest and just let you know how my life goes in here.

I been a bit tired lately. The training as been challenging, i m now in second gear as my first race of the season approche and i m very scare to get my ass kick! When i get tired, i get grumpy. When i get grumpy, i get quiet, impatient, and very irritable.

Last night, i was heading out for my 6th or 7th run of the day, i dont really remember because this training program thing is silly and i m losing my mind. Erika decided to come along for the 1h progressive run…. this is where the problem begin!!!!!

We had previously done a hard running session early on where i had stump my autority on her so i was expecting her to be tired, quiet and stay behind me on the run ….just like it should be :)

We started the run and miss Choco could not stop talking…or picking up stick on the ground or pretty rocks and flowers….. I was simply tired, exausthed and trying really hard to focus on putting one feet in front of the other. I just could not understand how someone can be in such good mood and have so much energy when i have nothing left and just trying to survive the session.

I leaded the opening 20min warm up and try to set a decent pace so she would just stay quiet….. but she kept on talking…. This was driving me crazy and i try to lift the pace some more….. but she had some many storys to tell…. how can that be????

After 15 minutes, she told me that from now on, she will stop talking…. THANK YOU!!!!! I was finaly gaining confidence that after all, she was humain and getting a bit tired and will finaly start focusing one holding on to the blistering pace i was setting….. her breathing seems heavy to me so i knew she was finaly getting tired

Well, as we reach the 20minutes, she came to my side to annonce me that she was going to lift the pace as the warm up was over…. WHAT#$%%^*# ….She had more left in her????? She procced to lift the pace more…and more…and more until we could keep pace with the cars on the road, outrun the deer on the golf course and exceed to safe speed of my AVIA LIGHT II shoes as recommended by the manufacture..

That was total provocation of her part to run like this in front of me this late in the day. How can she have so much left in the tank??? i tried to go with her convience she was going to explode at any times….but my elephant legs just didnt wanted too… The miles were going by, 1…..2…..3……4……5…….6 and the pace was getting faster and faster. I was getting grumpier and grumpier…she was pulling further and further from me.

In the last moment of the run, the security guy at the gate of our complexe saw a girl doing her daily run and a crazy dangerous persuer (foamy mouth, grumpy eyes, fist tightly close) 40m back trying desperatly to catch her……….. he proceeded to push me to the ground and hand cuff me…. It was a hopeless situation to try to explain to him that it was just a normal progressive run and that i was trying to catch the girl but would not hurt her…. oh well, my grumpyness level is presently at a record high….

I realize now that i better get use to those situation as i might get chicked a few times this year…. We have so many FAST and STRONG girls on this team, it is meant to happen on a daily bases…

When doc heard about the workout, he simply asked me,…. why didn’t you just let her go?


new race set up!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

i finaly got all my parts for the new bike! here s a pic of my race machine for the next race at ironman australia!!!

oval bars, dura ace group, 170 cranks!!! 54cm cervelo p2c frameset

the training as been very good lately. It is hot as usual and i m slowly changing from my natural polar bear tan to a chocolate lab tan!

I m off for my 5th run of the day….. runs come in pack of 6 here so lots of work still to do!!!!