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new mexico!!!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

bonjour everyone!

I m presently in Las cruces new mexico in preparation for Wildflower! It s been great to be back in north america! The training as been going very well, and i m looking forward to open my season in north america on a GOOD note!

I been lucky to have Erika over to Las Cruces to train with me! We have been here for a good 2 weeks and she is slowly becoming a desert rat like me! Plenty of quiet road…lots of sandy runs…and the most amazing pool in the world!

Here s a pic of me and erika having a meeting with your new coach in las cruces. At this point, Jordi is thinking that she will get some ice cream so that would explain her big smile!!!

tonight, we had dinner with our homestay and very special friends, Danny and Misha! Great food, good times!!! On tuesday, we will jump on the super Paseo car and drive on highway 66….all the way to LA!!!!! get your kick….on route 66!!!!!!

more pic of the great dinner!

Fun fun fun…..

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

I wont go into much details about this race as i need to rethink what happen out there. But yes, chrissie made me suffer all day and that is all i could do.

I m know traveling back to sydney, packing my bike, and jumping on the airplane for:

8h flight to singapore

3h flight to manila

5h flight to tokyo

8h flight to LAX

3h flight to Dallas

1.5h flight to El paso

drive 1h home. I will have plenty of time to think about all this. Doc…can we skype while i m flying? i m just gonna go crazy up there!!!! ;)

great job to bek for her 2nd place and Abi for her 4th place!!!!


Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

From Port Macquarie, Australia

I m racing my first ironman in over 12 months and healthy first the first time a long while! This Sunday is a good test to see if I been able to come back to my past level and find out where I m at….We always hear about how great athlete feel the week before a race and how much they look forward to get into the action!

Well, that isn’t the case with me! To be very honest, I haven’t felt great this week! At this moment, I m feeling tired, the legs aren’t firing up. I m riding up the hills like I m pulling a 18 wheelers behind me, there is no bounce in my stride… I know I have the fitness in me but it just not obvious right now. So, 72h before the race, this is where I m…….

Of course, my mind goes crazy thinking how the hell will you pull a strong ironman and pull this one out of the bag. How can you turn things around and get my body to wake up…. Yes, the freak out zone is revisited once again……Well, I have 48h to get my mind to take over the body and get the work done properly….. We will see on Sunday if I m strong or weak mentally………………….