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INTERBIKE!!!!! « Jonathan Caron's Blog



VEGAS!!!!!! I pass the last 4 days in Las Vegas at interbike! I have always dream of going to this show and was very suprise by it. It s huge huge huge!!!! about 4 football field of bike and parts!!! most of the company! all the toys!!!!

I have pass a bit of time with some of our sponsors to learn about there new product and what is coming up soon!

I m now back to penticton, bc. Still in the recovery process after one of my biggest ever injury in my career. I m slowly settling back into a solid routine with a lot of work to do to get the fitness back up. Training the body to be able to handle the training stress.

If everything goes well, i hope to be back at the start line of a race soon! I miss it very much and feel hungry as ever to race again! Weather as been amazing here and it just feel like summmer dosnt want to go away! Hope this will last, i like sunny and warm and swimming in the lake this late in the year!

a bientot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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