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Roller ski….. « Jonathan Caron's Blog


Roller ski…..

Well, it become a bit more clear that this summer, during a very hard race in Oliver, Bc, i injured pretty badly my knee. Strain, tear? i dont know what happen but my body had shifted and didnt want to put weight on it anymore. The day after the race, i was in very much pain…not a normal pain.

Over the past months, it s been a very frustrating rehabilitation process, difficulte to stay positive, to maintain some kind of fitness when biking , running and swimming also hurt.

The last few weeks have been more positive as i been doing a lot better in the pool, running with a bit of consistancy but biking as still remain a very challenging activity.

So, i found a way to keep on improving the fitness and moving that hip region muscle and getting them to work a bit. Rollerski! Yes, lots of nordic skiier do this in the summer to stay in touch with the sport… it s a lot of fun, you end up going at speed over 30km/h and the hr goes to the sky quickly…

here’s what it look like!


time to get on the road…and on the P4 again soon i hope!!!

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