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winter!!! « Jonathan Caron's Blog



It s my first winter in many years!!! i havent seen so much snow in a long long time. I woke up this morning and everything was white, my car was under a mountain of snow! The road are like a ice ring and we do not have many snow plowers here in penticton.

I decided to run part of the ironman canada marathon course today…the last few miles of the course downtown and along the lake where you usualy suffer from the heat and fatigue. Summer are very hot here in the okanagan desert but to see the lake starting to freeze, and the road full of snow…. it s really hard to imagine!

Penticton become a very quiet place in the winter, the population goes down to half is normal size and restaurant, streets, pubs are deserted.

I m enjoying it a lot this way as you have lot of quiet time, and it s a nice change from the crazy summers.

I went to the pool tonight and swam 3km in between the kids playing in my lane and the parents doing walking and jogging… it s a crowded pool….many challenge here!

I m starting to miss the hot weather of new mexico and subic bay…yeah…i miss that killer hot humidity climat!!! Perhaps a training camp this winter??!!!

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