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Field of Dream……………….

June 30th, 2009 by jonathancaron

This morning, when i woke up, a voice was speaking to me. There was no one at home, but the voice could be hear clear and loud. It said, ”IF YOU CUT IT, THEY WILL COME” Now, i have no clue what this voice mean, but when i got outside for my swim, it became clear to me that i had to cut the grass in the backyard. Why, i dont know, i just had to do it….

well, i did…cut and cut and cut… i m proud of the results… now, i guess i just have to wait and see who will come? when? and why?

well, training goes is normal way here…very quiet… get the work done, share the road with Dr Tom Evans and make friend with pain! More to come soon! National championship is coming up in 2 weeks!!!

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Last weekend in pictures!

June 14th, 2009 by jonathancaron

well, last weekend was so much fun… back to racing at the front of the race…going hard…racing neck to neck with my good friend Tom evans…. was a hard day…. got second., was very happy, My fitness is on the rise…slowly but should be good to go for ironman canada in 12 weeks. Just lots of hard work and 5 more lbs to lose:)

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jonnyo ”Tip of the week” 2, Open water swimming!!!

June 2nd, 2009 by jonathancaron

more silly stuff…..

YouTube Preview Image

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Opening season in beauty in Canada

May 24th, 2009 by jonathancaron

Today was the first race on Canadian territory! The beggining of the season as been challenging but getting home and in a routine as help settle things down.

I dont like to go hard…. it hurts lots! but today was a olympic distance and the name of the game is go fast…go hard! The swim was leaded by a fellow canadian and ex national swimmer(olympic trial) and me 20m at the back unable to keep contact with his feet. My swim isnt there yet…. need more top end…

up on the bike and the sufer fest started …. my legs were burning….lung screaming for air..i m just not use to go at those threshold pace and the head wind was brutal at time…. fight fight fight….. of the bike in second place and a few minutes down but as our leader was simply unable to run because of a injury…. i end up in the lead in the first km of the race and went as hard as i could on the opening 10km. Once again, simply not use to this pace….struggling to find a stride… and tring to deal with the unconfortable feeling and weird rythme.

I end up with the win today opening a good gap on the run and passing the line in 1:57….with a 3min lead on the second place. Well, i will take it, first step in the right direction…a lot of pain..excellent workout and definitly 2h out of my comfort zone. There is a enormous amount of work ahead of me to be at the top of the game but rythme is coming back…and the smile also! It was fun to finish a race…been healthy…and get on top of the podium again!

Next one, Persona half ironman on june 5th in canada….a hard race with some very strong guys from can and usa…. should be another hard training session…. one step at the time….

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Jonnyo ”tip of the week” #1

May 18th, 2009 by jonathancaron

This is a very serious series of video to help the serious athlete make it to the next level….

YouTube Preview Image

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6:00am, still sleepy as you can see!!!

May 15th, 2009 by jonathancaron

ok, i was still sleeping when i made this video… but, the lake was so beautifull, i had to show it!

YouTube Preview Image

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Good friends!!!!

May 12th, 2009 by jonathancaron

After 8 months away from home, it s was nice to catch up with the friends and training partner. In this pic, mark, tom evans and me. Tom as been a great friend and good teacher over the years. I have learn a lot about ironman from him and mostly, about honesty and looking at yourself in each session and knowing where your at!

Well, sunday was my first attempt at riding the ironman canada course and i love this loop once your in it…there is no way to cut it short…. you need to get it done and all those monster hills are there to give you a good deep look into yourself and see where you are at. After 3.5h, it was clear i wasnt in my rock star shoes and was in the struggle mode….. I enjoy this part…the struggle part is necessary to get on top of your game. I will pass a lot of times in this zone over the next 3 months…

In the next blog, i will make a little video of my Villa on the lake! Summer is coming up and there is no better place to be than in the okanagan valley!

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back home!!!!!

May 7th, 2009 by jonathancaron

IT s been over 8 months since i came back home. I m now here in penticton for most of the summer! So what happen lately?

Last week, me and erika get in the paseo for a long drive from new mexico to california for the Avia Wildflower triathlon. The event was simply amazing and i will definitly be back next year. We pass a day camping and Tri-california had taken care of finding us a nice home for the days leading up to the race. So, 6 members of team TBB reunited for a fun and awesome event.

The course is hard, but beautifull and definitly reward strong athlete. It s started for me with a average swim. I was swimming side by side with my teammates Reinaldo but for some reason, i knew we were in a bit of trouble and far from the front group. Rought swim and came out 90sec behind the leaders…

The ride started with a nice step 1miles climb and i rode this with a few strong rider and a group started to form… unfortuntly, i was lacking the fitness to stay with those guys and at mile 20… i was drop and paying for my early effort. I started to lose time but still enjoyed this amazing ride. At mile 45…. flat tire!!! oh, no…:( dealing with it as fast as i could, i was back on my bike and got into the run with about 20min deficit on the leaders. At this point, i ran with as much inspiration as i could find and made sure that i was going to make it home!

I pass the line very far behind the leaders, but very happy as this is my first finish in a triathlon in the last 12.5 months. A lot as happen lately and sickness, fighing with crohn/colitis and i might not be competitive right now but i m definitly back to triathlon.

I drove for 24h to make it back to penticton canada. I m now relaxing after a nice 3h ride in the mountain and will work very hard to gain the fitness needed to get back in the game. I have 2 races coming up in the next 4 weeks and it s time to race myself back to shape!

back soon!

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new mexico!!!

April 25th, 2009 by jonathancaron

bonjour everyone!

I m presently in Las cruces new mexico in preparation for Wildflower! It s been great to be back in north america! The training as been going very well, and i m looking forward to open my season in north america on a GOOD note!

I been lucky to have Erika over to Las Cruces to train with me! We have been here for a good 2 weeks and she is slowly becoming a desert rat like me! Plenty of quiet road…lots of sandy runs…and the most amazing pool in the world!

Here s a pic of me and erika having a meeting with your new coach in las cruces. At this point, Jordi is thinking that she will get some ice cream so that would explain her big smile!!!

tonight, we had dinner with our homestay and very special friends, Danny and Misha! Great food, good times!!! On tuesday, we will jump on the super Paseo car and drive on highway 66….all the way to LA!!!!! get your kick….on route 66!!!!!!

more pic of the great dinner!

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Fun fun fun…..

April 5th, 2009 by jonathancaron

I wont go into much details about this race as i need to rethink what happen out there. But yes, chrissie made me suffer all day and that is all i could do.

I m know traveling back to sydney, packing my bike, and jumping on the airplane for:

8h flight to singapore

3h flight to manila

5h flight to tokyo

8h flight to LAX

3h flight to Dallas

1.5h flight to El paso

drive 1h home. I will have plenty of time to think about all this. Doc…can we skype while i m flying? i m just gonna go crazy up there!!!! ;)

great job to bek for her 2nd place and Abi for her 4th place!!!!

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