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Living in the Bavarian Mountains « Joseph Spindler's Blog


Living in the Bavarian Mountains


Hello again! I am very proud to have been given the chance to join teamTBB from now on. This blog I am going to use to give you some more details on my person and keep you updated on my journey with the crazy gang and my progress trying to be the best athlete I can be!

I live in Bavaria, 50 km South from Munich, in a little village. The photo above is my view when I step out of my door and start my day. Sometimes the alps look so clear and close, that it is really breathtaking!

As you can see clearly, I currently have to wait until the sun comes across the mountains at the left side of the pic. Then I must not do my workouts in the shadow of the mountain (very cold!), rather can stay at the sunny side of the valley (pretty cold).

The view is that good, since my village is located on a little hill. This has two implications: First one: At the beginning of my training I have to go DOWN the hill. When it is cold and the body not warm yet, this really hurts, freezing your butt off!
Second implication: At the end of every training session I have to go UP the hill. Nearly 10 minutes hill work at a grade of 10 to 14%. This really hurts again.

But someone told me it’s good for my strength…


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