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A really tough Guy « Joseph Spindler's Blog


A really tough Guy


Today I would like to introduce Nikolaus to you. He is our little boy and turned 2 years this week. As you can see on the photo above he clearly loves our selfmade ice cream (fruits, cream, sugar, nothing else). If you are very polite to him and have very good luck he might share with you at camp.

By sure, he is one of the toughest babies as he already has around 40,000 km of run and bike work under his belt. Since the very first weeks of his life I do a lot of training taking him with me in a baby carrier. During this time, he has broken me 2 frames, flipped over once (he just woke up), our longest ride was 6.5 h, and our highest speed was… – stop, I won’t write that here.

Taking Nikolaus with me was the only possibility to combine family, job, and triathlon on a relatively high level (8:34h). We really like to train together, he sleeping, me suffering. And he is no martyr for the sport; rather enjoys the rides in his baby carrier, forcing me to go out and train even on days when I am very, very tired and wouldn’t make it out of the door on my own, pulling my forefinger and shouting “Papa, go out now”.

Sometimes, when he is mumbling and babbling along, trying new words and sounds over and over again, when he is singing and summing to himself, cheerfully and absentminded, we shared some of our deepest moments, weightlessly moving together through the landscape, feeling an almost surreal sense of oneness, well-being, harmony.

Nikolaus loves the speed. Everything about 30 kph is fine. He will sleep or watch the passing scenery still and satisfied. Slower than 20 kph and he starts snarling. And when we go up a hill and I have to really push the lowest gear to just keep us moving forward he shouts at me “Papa, faster, faster!”, – despite his flimsy age already showing a subtle sense for pain application and drudgery.

My performance improved a lot under his regime. With his stubborness on going out every day, he taught me training consistency. With his impatience towards the end of our rides, he taught me to use my time highly efficiently. No coasting on the pedals any more, every minute out there has to be a minute of training. And with his love for speed I always had to push it. No junk miles, just high quality training!


As you can see above, Nikolaus also accompanies me when it’s really cold. Today, it’s really cold. But if the boy is tough enough to have a ride out there, I should be as well. Right? Right! So, let’s have a ride, go out and play!

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