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Train Hard – Rest Hard

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Yesterday, I was really tired. So I decided to have a short nap before my second bike workout.

I have learned at several occasions that it is better to give the body what it wants (sleep, if it is tired; food, if its hungry ;-) ) rather than to call for some caffeine or other stimulants. Stimulants have a short term effect, but most times make the situation worse in the long run and throw you into a circulus vitiosus: tiredness – stimulants – short alertness – more tiredness – more stimulants – bad sleep – even more tiredness – even more stimulants – … and so on, until the body puts the hammer on you and takes the break it really needs. Yep, I drink coffee, but not regularly and not for the coffeine and the stimulating effect. Just to enjoy the taste and what is associated for me with it: good talks, good friends, good hang out.

Now back to yesterday: It was 3 pm and I laid down on the plain, hard floor of our apartment (we don’t have a sofa – since otherwise I would spend all my free time laying down on the sofa).
Guess what happened? I woke up in the middle of the night, everything dark around me. Stepped up, ate another pound of cheese and went to bed immediately and slept until today 6 am.
So I slept from 3 pm to 6 am – 15 hours in a row. That is really hard rest!

But guess what? My swim workout today morning was great and I will hammer it down today afternoon on the bike.

Train smart!


Training Update

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Seit ich zurück bin aus dem Trainingslager, läuft das Training hier wirklich gut. Ich habe eine paar Wochen mit wirklich harter Arbeit in den Beinen und merke deutliche Fortschritte in allen drei Disziplinen.

“Trainingslager” ist eigentlich gar nicht das richtige Wort für das, was wir auf den Philippinen gemacht haben, wenn man unter Trainingslager einen begrenzten Zeitraum versteht, in dem man deutlich mehr trainiert als sonst. Beispielsweise hohe Radumfänge, um sich die Grundlagenausdauer zu holen.
Was wir gemacht haben, war ein “Kick-off-Camp”: 4 Wochen, in denen wir eingebrannt bekommen haben, wie wir trainieren müssen, wenn wir wieder daheim sind. Wie wir trainieren müssen, nicht für 4 Wochen, nicht für 6 Wochen, sondern für jede Woche, das ganze Jahr über.

Für manche von uns, war das ein Schock:

“… das heißt, wir machen immer so viel?”
Doc: “Yes.”
“Das Training wird nie weniger?”
Doc: “No”.
“Es bleibt immer gleich?”
Doc: “Yes.”

Aber es geht. Und der Körper passt sich immer besser an die extreme Belastung an.
Ironman ist extrem und verrückt. Warum sollte dann das Training nicht extrem und verrückt sein?

I love it!


A Quote

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Just wanted to let you know a quote from Lothar Leder which I found in an interview he gave to Slowtwitch these days. I saw Lothar running and winning 5m ahead of Macca in Roth. He nearly had it at sheer perfection. He inspired me a lot.

ST: Talking about Ironman, or more specifically Ironman Hawaii, you had two 3rd place finishes in Kona plus a few other top tens there. Are you satisfied?

Lothar: No, 3rd place in Hawaii is not good enough. In Germany no one cares about 3rd, you have to win. It is very simple. After my 3rd place in Hawaii I should have better got in contact with Brett Sutton, that was a big mistake I was to lazy. I think one or two years with him. I would have won many more Ironman events than just 9.

ST: How exactly do you think Brett Sutton would have helped you?

Lothar: He is the best coach in the world. It is very, very simple. He makes you hard and makes you deal with the pain in a race. And he is not full of any smart talk. I really like that style of coaching.

That’s exactly how it is!