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Off to Lanzarote

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Today, I am leaving for Lanzarote, where I will race the Ironman upcoming Saturday. It’s my first race this year and I am looking really forward to it. It is great to feel “THE FEELING” again. Race week is always special and I love observing body and mind tuning in.

I love training and therefore, it’s always an “effort” for me to break the training routine and get head and body ready for the race, especially if it is the first in a season.

Furthermore, the first race of a season is always a bit more preparation work. You have to find all that stuff you didn’t use for half a year. You have to put your bike together in race mode for the first time, same with your racing apparel. So I tested a lot of different stuff the last weeks. For the following races it’s easier since I don’t have to do all that work again. Happily, now it’s all together.

My grandfather asked me why I have to train, if we can ride such great material…

Below, you can see Nicos and my preferred rides.


On fire to race Lanzarote!

“hard-as-nails” Jo