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Nico’s Tractor

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

My win at Ostseeman gave me quite of a boost. I feel very fit these days. 2 days after the race (when most of the post-race-pain was gone) I started with lots of swimming, continued this for 2 weeks and then went back to Leysin for another week of heavy training. The boss said he can see some improvement in the swim – and since he gives kudos only if they are true, this was very encouraging for me! I had good legs at the hills (and on the flats as well – he he he), I am a bit skinnier than before last race; and it feels a lot easier for me to hold a high cadence during my runs, – always a good indicator that my is getting good. If I am very tired or struggling with the run, my cadence slows down.

It was great to catch up with the team before all are leaving and our camp in Leysin shuts down. Over the time, we are not just teammates, but become friends as well and I really miss the squad when I am staying at home.

So, as you can see, body and mind are really ready for my next race – the iron distance in Cologne on 6th of September!

Now, let me tell you another story: When I returned home from Leysin, I rode with my brothers car (thanks for lending Kili!!), when I returned home – it was a 6.5h ride, and I had to do a swim and another ride up to Col de la Croix before I left – I arrived at our appartment at 9:30 pm – and Nico was still waiting for me. This is very unusual, since he normally is at bed and sleeps at 7 pm. Well, at this day, he was in bed as well, but he was not sleeping, instead still waiting for me. He couldn’t sleep, since he was so excited about his new tractor.

You must know, that I promised him: Nico, if I will win Ostseeman and get some price money, you will get this tractor you always look at in the catalogue. Now. after I won, we immediately ordered it, and it arrived during my stay at Leysin. It’s a pitty that I was not there, when the package arrived and he opened it, jumping and running around from excitement and happiness. But he couldn’t sleep and waited for me to show me his new tractor – before he couldn’t sleep, impossible! After he told me the good news, he immediately fell asleep, literally before I left his room. But, for sure, not without awaking around 4:30 am the next day to have a look if his tractor is still there…

That's it!

The Winner takes it all

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Hi guys, I am Mr. OstseeMan now! Last Sunday, I won the race for the third time. And I also locked out a new course record in 8:28h. And while it is not the biggest race in Germany, I was amazed by all the attention I got from the local people in Glucksburg, from the media and all the people who know me! You may have a great race, you may have a personal best – but if you finish second, you won’t get the attention your effort deserves. The winner takes it all. Probably that’s not fair, but the way the sport is. So better win your races ;-) !


Relieved, job done!

The race itself started quite nice. For the first time, I broke 1h in the swim (by one second, haha).

Bike was a very steady effort. I felt very comfortable in my aero position. Everything smooth. We had to do 6 loops of 30k. For the first 4 of them, I had 2 guys riding with me. Unfortunately, we had a completely different rhythm, so that we dind’t work together. They attacked it on the hills and passed me there, I kept it steady on the flats an re-passed them – pulling them along to the next hill…

Eating the road in front of me.

Eating up the road in front of me.

I finally dropped them and then the fun began: It was the 5th loop with me at the front of the race now. Ahead of me the lead motorcycle. Well, there was lots of cornering on the course, especially when riding through the little town Glucksburg. So I played catch-me-if-you-can with the motorcycle. He couldn’t ride the corners and the short decends as fast as I although he really tried. I passed him left, I passed him right, it was a ton of fun.

In T2 I had a lead of 2 min. Startet out in 4min pace for the run. There was a turnaround, so I could see my competition and control my lead. In the second loop (we had to do 5 now) I coudn’t see the 2nd guy, thought he might have slowed down and took it a bit easier, but was really frightened when I suddenly saw him only 1 min behind, smiling from ear to ear, looking quite fresh and fast. Where did he come from??? I increased my speed to show that I am strong and that he must not even think of catching me. And managed to regain a lead of 3min till end of loop 3.

German Terminator on Fire!

German Terminator on Fire!

2 more loops left. They hurt. I really, really had to push. I was slowing down a bit. But the second guy too, I could hold my lead quite constant. I wanted to win. I had to win. I had so much support and encouragement from the spectators, that I simply couldn’t do anything else but winning. – And that was exactly what I finally did! It was great. Soaking up all that energy in the finish area.

Thanks, doc, Alex, and teammates, for all that hard training. That was exactly what me got through that 2 final loops… And there is more!

Family was with me for the race. We stayed at the coast for 5 more days celebrated the win and enjoyed the good vibes there. We had great weather, great water, got to know lot’s if nice people. This all helped my recovery a lot and now, one week later, I have to hold me back on the bike.

There is more and I can’t await to nail it down for the second half of the season!