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Lanzarote Training Camp

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Currently I am for a 2 week training camp on Lanzarote. I love the island: Lot’s of wind and hills and monotony! Weather is good, 20 degree, but quite chilly when you have a lot of wind. Today I finished my first 30k run this year. Maybe, over Chirstmas I forgot a bit how hard triathlon can be… Very happy to be back to the real triathlon training thing again.
It’s a great thing to be able to escape the heavy winter in Germany now. Nevertheless, I am a bit worried what happens if I go back again to -20 degrees and mountains of snow. Maybe I will squeeze in a big swim week and then head off to our team training camp in Thailand as soon as possible.

So, how did you start the new Year?

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Well, let’s better start with how you endend the last year? For me, I did a 2 hour swim and a 3 hour bike – with rain, 3° Celsius and the last hour of the ride in the dark. As I like it, nevertheless. Thankfully, that training earned me the right to join the New Years eve party with my family. In Germany we usually have fondue or raclette for years eve meal, this year we had raclette. (By the way, for Christmas eve we Bavarians traditionally have sausages as the preferred meal – Weißwürste, sweet mustard and pretzels, don’t ask me why exactly).
It was a cold and clear night, but we lacked the discipline to wait until midnight and headed to bed at 10 or so. Nico would have made it till midnight, that’s not the problem. But the problem would be that he needs a week to get back into his normal sleep pattern after such an escapade. Me too, by the way (getting older??). Basically, I don’t like to start a new day feeling tired and sick anyway. So no drama here.

Now back to my first question. How did you start the new year? As far as I’m concerned , we started early, I put Nico in the baby carrier and we headed out for a long run (unfortuneately, pool was closed today). I love the morning of the first day of a new year very much. It is probably the most quiet morning of the whole year. Empty streets, no people around, everybody still sleeping. Clean, fresh, untouched light and air. Lot’s of good energy. Gives you the funny feeling of beeing both the last and the first warrior on earth at the same time…

All the best for 2010, keep on moving!