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Lanzarote Camp, Part II « Joseph Spindler's Blog


Lanzarote Camp, Part II

During the first week of my campe here at Lanzarote, I covered roughly 850k on the bike, 100k on the run and 16k on the swim. As you can see, pretty normal numbers. I did nothing extraordinary, no crazy sessions, just very consistent training. My body is responding quite well to the load and the sessions in the second week are (up to now) much faster. I am joining my room with Lothar Leder and Michael Eisenkolb, a long training buddy, with whom I did most of my first sessions starting back 10 years ago in Berlin. We are a good team, have lots of fun an laughs.

As I normally do all my training alone, I am enjoying training in a group very much, although it means that I have to change my normal riding rhythm (SRM paced) completely. For some rides, Ivan Rana, Eneko Llanos and some other Spanish pros are joining in, ensuring that the pace does not slow down too much ;-) . The group forces you to push your limits. Every day there is someone who has good legs forcing you to give more than you would have on your own or thought possible. On the other hand, group riding is dangerous as well – you have to control your ego closely and stay calm to not mess up all your base fittness by doing lots of sprints and power spikes. However, it is great fun, to ride and learn from the best. Train healthy and enjoy!

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