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teamTBB rocks Cologne226!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Well, it’s 4am in the morning and I can’t sleep so I thought I post a quick note on the race in Cologne. We managed to have a double win, with Diana dominating the race from the beginning on in sovereign manner. Her task was to get her nutrition right and run a fast marathon. She accomplished this mission with a 3:11 personal best. Chapeau and congratulations! For me it was a bit harder as 120km into the bike I had a massive crash when I lost control over my bike at a big street bump at a speed of 50kph. However, bike was ok and so I put myself together, escaped the aproaching ambulance and went on. In T2 I was back 16 minutes – but a 2:50 marathon brought me into the lead at km 37 and I finally won the race! So double win for teamTBB – that’s awsome. However, now that the adrenalin is gone, my body hurts quite a bit. I have abrasions all over so don’t know exactly how to lay down and sleep. The aidmen had to cut me out of my race suit (it was badly disrupted anyway) and covered the worst wounds, but some are too big to bandage or tape them… It’s a pitty, as it was the best race suit I ever had. I will follow up later with some pics from the race. For now, I would like to thank Sebastian and Erik for their great support before, during and after the race; the organizer Uwe Jeschke for a perfect accomodation at the Maritim hotel right at the finish line; and surely Brett for having me come to Leysin for a short training camp leading up to the race. Without that I wouldn’t have won. Thanks a ton!