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Bike Crash

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

teamTBB Germany does a little training camp here in Bad Tölz. The weather is nice, not too warm, but after a long winter we are happy to ride outside. However, yesterday, when we did our 30/30/30 moderate/medium/mad session we had a really bad bike crash. We already settled into a nice rhythm and were just about to launch the mad turbo, when a car violated our right of way. Andrej, riding in first position, could slip through somehow, but when Yves and me tried to do the same we touched each other, our bikes got jammed and off we went through the air. Then lots of people, emergency, police. They took us to hospital. After lots of examinations, scans and X-rays they told us that we have lots of abrasions and bruises, but fortunately, nothing broken, head and spine ok. They monitored us for 2 nights and finally allowed us to leave hospital. Our hardware had less luck: Helmets broken into pieces, bikes broken, my beautiful Campagnolo wheels so badly crooked that we couldn’t remove them from the frame. And last but not least a friendly but stubborn nurse cut our beloved 2XU clothes from our bodies…

However, the most important thing is that Andrej, a Croatian national, didn’t get hurt. In case of injury he surely would have told the emergency guys to shoot him rather than to help him, as he forgot to buy a travel insurance for Germany.

During my stay in hospital I had to share my room with a guy. When he heard that I had a bike accident he proudly told me that he also had a bike accident. He was a bit older and a bit more corpulent than me and seemed to have really bad pain as he initialized every of his moves with a deep-drawn sigh. When I asked him how he got his rip broke, he told me that he was trying to climb on his bike, but couldn’t place his feet properly on the pedals. And while he was desperately trying to place his feet on the pedals, the bike slowed down, it almost stopped, he lost balance, crashed into the street and all his bones were broken.

So next time, when you go out for a ride, please remember that you don’t have to ride 45+ km/h to hurt yourself. With proper technique, it looks like you can do this with no speed at all.

Ride safe!!