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Challenge Copenhagen

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

My first long distance race after a 2 year brake of racing was Challenge Copenhagen last weekend. I enjoyed it very much to be back to racing again, including all the related mess of packing, traveling, waking up early and so on. ;-) However, the feeling of being fit and well prepared and operate at my limits weighs out everything. Well, I messed up the swim, steering to the wrong buoy at the start and loosing some feets. And, well, it took me 1 hour to find my bike legs. And, well, I died a bit at the end of the marathon. And, well, I had to run half the marathon with numb feet, and yes, the whole marathon with stitches. But when, 2 hours into the race, all barriers disappeared and the body finally got into racing mode, I flew through the field and it was a real cool pain party. After the bike leg I was in 12 position, but quickly fetched my competitors, one after the other. I made it into top 5 finally with only a bit more than 2 minutes to place 4, but unfortunately, a marathon only has 42,2 km. ;-)

We had perfect conditions, warm, sunny weather, spectacular crowd and the wonderful city of Copenhagen! Copenhagen has a unique flair, very relaxed people and the best is, that I never saw so much people doing their daily traveling with bike. At most corssing lights, you have 30,40, 50 cyclists, of all kind, students, business men, houswifes, all on their bikes. Lots of couples use a bike with a big basket in front, where one person sits and is driven around.
However, the race was compromised by Diana’s accident. Police and race marshals allowed a bus to cross the race course so short in front of her that she couldn’t brake or avoid the bus and crashed with high speed into the side of the vehicle so badly that she broke her collar bone. This is a thing which cannot happen under any circumstance in a race – as a racing athlete has no other joyce than to trust the safeness of the course and the circumspection of the race officials. She already was in third when it happened and had a good chance to win the race. Now her season is ruined, she has to have a surgery and cannot race for 8 weeks at least.
Coming back from my long brake and structuring my training in a new way, building up my performance from scratch, I further completed my coaching expertise. Especially with the help, knowledge and advise of Brett. And the best is: I am willing to share! My coached athletes will profit from that knowledge. So if you are interested please contact me at teamtbbcoaching.com.
There was some serious soreness after the race, however, I already completed 8 hours of training the 4 days following the race. So clearly on a mission again ;-) Thanks to my team, which believed in me and all my sponsors and supporters. Alex and Brett first of all, the crew at the Bike Boutique Germany, Cervelo who sent desperately needed parts to race hotel within no time, 2XU and Ralf from Filser Sport Marketing for fast suit and great short time support whenever needed, Campagnolo who also helped incredibly fast, ON Running, COBB Cycling, Ignite Naturals. Racing an ironman always looks like an individual performance. But for sure, you need an outstanding team and inspiring people behind you for outstanding performance. Looking forward for more to come!