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Winter training camp

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

We made a great decision choosing Lanzarote as our winter training base, the most important thing is that it’s warm! In our first 3 weeks on the island we had only 2 days of rain (ok, it rained 3x5mins – we even have a movie as proof!). And yes, Lanza being Lanza, it’s always windy but at least a nice warm wind!

Having trained on Mallorca in Dec

ember, it’s interesting to compare the two locations:

Lanzarote is much warmer (it’s off the African coast) and training is more weatherproofed. We can swim in the outdoor pool, mostly even without wetsuit.

Mallorca is the cycling mecca with lots of variety although Lanza’s unique volcanic environment (think Kona-like with its very own lava fields) has its very own unique & special charm.

But with its mountains, lush green plains and almond trees, Mallorca offers more in terms of sight-seeing and beautiful landscape. The roads are equally as good on both islands (it’s no comparison to the Lanzarote 10 years ago!) and much better than in many parts of Germany (!). L

anzarote is harder because you can’t do flat bike rides and the heavy wind is blowing like hell. 15km/h in your aero position, downhill, at 250 watts: that’s a real mental challenge!

Compared to our other Canary Island training camp last year on Gran Canaria, we’ve found Lanza to be much warmer. There aren’t long and steep climbs (you can see this as an advantage or disadvantage). There is less traffic on Lanzarote and (you won’t easily find this on Gran Canaria) plus we’ve found two really good time-trial routes.

We’ll certainly be coming back to Lanza’ in September. Heat, wind, hilly roads (and those Lava fields!) – probably there is no better location for a perfect Hawaii preparation.

For sure everybody wants to know how we train. Unfortunately I can’t reveal all our secrets, but here are some parameters: circa 34 hours of training with a focus on bike sessions. 6 swim, 6 bike and 5 run workouts per week.

But most importantly, is that our training is influenced deeply by the location of our camp. Based on the local conditions (e.g. landscape, weather, pool) every Camp location has its very own unique training. If we’re on Mallorca or Gran Canaria the same athletes would do a work with a different schedule/process, even if the race schedule is the same. Brett is a master in reading an area and its specific training facilities. His athletes are so successful because he sends them to the training locations which suits them best to improve their performances based on their weaknesses and strengths. Brett’s most important training tools are maybe the conditions of that location, such as the temperature, wind, mountains, hills etc. Brett uses this ‘environmental’ information more than any other coach we know who would usually be stuck on whether to use paddles and heart rate monitors on a particular day!

A typical or model plan doesn’t exist, certainly not one that can be repeated and copied. Brett therefore has a special training and ‘non-formula’ method which is always freshly adapted for different athletes and conditions.

Train smart!