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Pain and Glory « Kate Pallardy's Blog


Pain and Glory

I have about 45 minutes until I need to jump onto my bike for a 4-hour ride. I’m actually fighting to keep my eyes open and making sure to stay a good distance from my bed as it seems to be calling my name for a nice long nap. The training has been tough…a good tough. Non-stop from morning until night and the sun is always there to keep you very honest and sweaty during all efforts. My body is tired but I have managed to always find the energy somewhere to put together another swim, bike or run session and of course, today’s bike will be no different.

Physically, yes, everyone here is run-down and a bit smacked around but mentally, if we are resilient enough, we can always stay fresh…in the head. And this, I have learned, is the most important thing when it comes to racing, training, and even managing normal life – get your head straightened out. So, right now, I have to simply take a deep breath and get out onto the road realizing that these are the workouts that make you stronger, faster, fitter on race day. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! I laugh though because I think people assume we are just little energizer bunnies…going, going, going. Now, we may always be going but the going isn’t always pretty and most certainly isn’t always painless yet nothing and I do mean nothing can stop a true champion. It is a painful process to get good though if you can sincerely love the ups and downs and embrace the pain then I believe things will turn out alright. The beauty of camp is that you find that extra little motivation from your teammates and your coach (yes, coach – I’m listening). We are all in pain but with pain, comes glory.

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