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No Oceanside

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I thought I would write to say that I am sadly not racing Oceanside due to some personal issues. Nothing serious but needed to postpone the TeamTBB debut for a few more weeks. I actually discovered a low key half iron in southern California called Superfrog on April 11. I think there are only about 300 people racing but it does have a small little prize purse so you can be assured I will be going for gold and of course, I’m a little antsy to get out there and see where my fitness is at. My run has felt dynamite lately and my bike quite a bit stronger (thank you teammates!) though the course will be quite the dream crusher because much of the run is on sand…the race is hosted by Navy Seals so sand is obviously a must. I do love the start of the race season as all the butterflies return and you are reminded why you fell in love with the sport and just how lucky you truly are. Just a few more weeks!

A week has gone by…

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

First, I must congratulate all my teammates who have raced recently because the results have been quite impressive and I bow to their greatness. I actaully quite enjoy my internet cheering as I have so many more people to pull for now so its all that more fun. Hard work most definitely pays off! Anywho…

I was reminded yesterday by my big sis that I haven’t written for quite sometime. She thought it best that I make sure to mention that I am still alive so…I’m still alive though my legs are quite dead. Training has come back full force and I am loving every long second of it. I honestly do not know where this week went. The good thing is that my body is slowly getting back on track and my mind is feeling quite a bit more refreshed. My week was filled with so many happy (and strange) moments. I wish I could share all the strange occurrences that seemed to have came my way throughout the week though I honestly think most of these moments are you had to be there kind of moments. That is the sad thing about doing most of my training on my own as I am now left laughing alone on the side of the road uncontrollably and this creates the illusion that I am crazy. And, while on some of these instances I swore I had taken crazy pills, I was not actually the one who was crazy. Does that make sense? Oh bother. Actually, to be quite honest with you, the main reason I haven’t had a chance to blog was that I finally had a break through – my writer’s block unclogged and finally, I have been able to make some great strides in writing my novel. This is a very exciting moment because for anyone who has ever written anything knows that when you experience a brain block you are stuck no matter how good your intentions. You can honestly spend hours in a library or with a pencil between your fingers but if you have a brain fart then you are better off poking yourself in the eye with that pencil (which has almost happened on a few occasions). The good thing is now I am off and running (figuratively) and my book is flowing along with ease. I am thrilled with my progress. Now, off to the pool like a good little swimmer that I am even though I’d rather watch all the finishers of the LA marathon as we all know that can be quite the sight.

Security: Round II

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Yesterday, I made a few calls in hopes of finding some clarity regarding open track hours. I did eventually get through to one person who actually knew a little something about public track hours. Every other person replied with maybe its open in the early morning or lightheartedly state if the gates are open you can run (not true as I was escorted off yesterday x 2). I even heard the reply that the track wasn’t for people (this one confused me). Then, when I called the college, I received the answer of…its open when its open but may be closed due to various events (hmmm loved the clarity). Anywho, I got one lady who gave me the green light to run on the high school track from 6:00am-7:30am this morning. Wow, thanks for all the options.

So, this morning I was on the track at 5:55am bundled up with gloves, hat, arm warmers, and down feathered vest as it was only 7c (45 degrees). Thailand, I need you! I miss your most glorious heat and ungated, deliciously red running track. Well, at least I was free to run. I start my workout and you probably could have guessed — security comes trotting down the bleachers. I actually received 2 guards today. Man, I’m a baddass. They go on to tell me in their mean voice that I am absolutely not allowed to bring my bike down to the track. They must be joking, right? Wrong. My bike wasn’t even on the track. It was leaning on the fence both wheels in the grass and it wasn’t like I was whistling around doing 400meter repeats in my TT position! Oh Lordy…okedoke. I go over to my bike and have to carry it to the outside fence with both guards watching and they go on to make sure I know I must be off this track at 7:30am as its school policy. I know. I know. I wanted to speak a piece of my mind but only could mumble a Yes, of course.

I did actually complete an entire track workout but seriously, aren’t there bigger issues to deal with? Can’t they just leave a girl alone? Can’t we all get along? I want to run circles in peace! I honestly believe that here in the states there is a group of people determined to protect running tracks from, you guessed it, runners. I despise that group of people and I wish upon them nightmares of crazy little girls chasing them around gated tracks. I will find you….


Friday, March 12th, 2010

I have four running tracks within a 2 mile radius and you would think that with four options, there would never be any problems hopping onto a track for a workout. Oh no, not the case here in Santa Monica. What I had failed to realize about Santa Monica was that the running track was considered quite sacred and all shall be barred and locked unless, by chance, they are not (always a surprise). I have rarely found any of the tracks available and had all but given up on the idea of a mid-day track workout but I returned from camp a new woman…determined to find a way.

So, today, off I went on my bike with a backpack full of running gear. Yes, I was going to get on a track. I mapped my route hoping that I would only have to hit one track and could soon find myself lost in the intervals. Track number one, open gates! Yippee. I hop down. Lace up my shoes and off I go. I had the track all to myself with blue skies and sunshine gazing down at me. I was happy – for about 10 minutes. Come around the turn and what do I see? Standing at my start line, a rather large, nasty security woman decked out in badges and walkie talkies glared at me as though she was going to give me the ultimate beat down. I thought about simply sprinting by though I believe she had a stun gun on hand so I bypassed that thought and walked up to her surrendering. She gives me a full body scan and then says Madam (she actually referred to me as madam) , you are NOT allowed on this track. You will leave immediately. I gave a smile and nod but of course couldn’t just leave without some answers…

Why can’t we use the track at this time?
School law forbids the public from using the track unless during public use hours.
When are public use hours?
Unsure. Maybe mornings but not all mornings.
Do you know if there is anyway I could talk to someone and see if I could get a permit or something so I can run on the track mid-day?
I would be the person you talk to and Madam, there are no permits. and there is no running on the track, period. You will never be an exception. Once we let one person come on the track mid-day then everyone will be on the track.
That would be horrible if everyone was running on the track (sarcastically stated).
How can I find out if the track is definitely open?
You must leave now. Off school property.
Ok Sorry.

Yep, that was the extent of the conversation and she actually walked me to the corner and made sure I biked away. I can see it now Run Away Runner Circling Publicly Funded Track. Horrifying. Well, onto track number two. Yet again, the gates are open. I’m much more cautious during round 2 of track running. I scanned my surroundings searching for any signs of security or stun guns. All looked clear and I jump onto my 400 meter circle ready to go. One lap down, two laps down, three laps…oh bugger, security not looking so happy with me. There is a yell followed with quick paced shuffling This track is not open to runners! Sorry. I didn’t really even say much. I did ask when the track was open to the public and received an unspecified reply I do not believe the public has access to this track. Oh bologna! and, once again, I was escorted off and watched to make sure I bike away but this time the security guard took the extra measure of making sure to lock the gates in front of me. I get it people, I get it. Deep breath. Onto track number three even though, by this point, my motivation was sadly lacking. Track number three: locked. Track number four: locked. Final Destination: home with my pineapple and ended up forfeiting my track workout or any running workout due to frustration and stun guns.

I want to simply run on a running track. That’s all. Nothing more. I want to run in circles…unbothered. I just honestly cannot understand why, at 9am in the morning, all the tracks must be locked, gated, and inspected by stun gunned dressed security guards. It is a track people. A track! Rubber and grass. A circle that is made for running and I, a runner, who wants to run that circle. I don’t get it. I really don’t understand but I shall give it another go tomorrow morning again on my bike and with my backpack. I am still determined though if I happen to get stun gunned or whamboozled then I will, most likely, call it quits on my track endeavors.

Counting Down the Days

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

It was a long exhausting journey home. I am so happy to wave good bye to airplanes for a few months. The next time I will fly I will be heading for Disney World and while most of the trip will be family playtime and twirling tea cups, I also will be doing a little racing. Florida 70.3 is honestly one of my favorite races on the circuit as it genuinely feels magical. I feel like a little kid in candy land. I always have so much fun and honestly can’t stop smiling. It seems all the stress of race day disappears because around every corner there is Mickey Mouse and Goofy, enchanting music and childhood memories. This year will be extra special…almost my whole family will be down watching me race. Brothers, sisters, cute little baby nephew, mom and (drum roll) my daddy!

I still can’t believe I actually convinced my dad to come down to Florida. For anyone who knows my dad, he is a kind of a homebody but is so super supportive of my racing. I had to get him out to one of my races this year though I knew I needed to get creative. The trick was that he is a sucker for Disney World so I knew, with just a bit of finagling, that I just might get him to see me race in Florida. A 2-for-1 type deal. Of course, I had to reassure him that it wasn’t one of the crazy long races and that there will be much more Disney Worlding than racing (no problem for me!). Oh yes and my dad said he wouldn’t mind witnessing a victory. It seems so simple when my dad says it…Kate, if I’m watching you race. I’m pulling for a win. No problem Dad. No problem. I can’t even stop smiling and the race is months away. I will be so excited getting onto the plane in May as it will be combining all my favorite things in the world – family, racing, imagination and childlike fun. Yes, I’m counting down the days – 70.