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Counting Down the Days « Kate Pallardy's Blog


Counting Down the Days

It was a long exhausting journey home. I am so happy to wave good bye to airplanes for a few months. The next time I will fly I will be heading for Disney World and while most of the trip will be family playtime and twirling tea cups, I also will be doing a little racing. Florida 70.3 is honestly one of my favorite races on the circuit as it genuinely feels magical. I feel like a little kid in candy land. I always have so much fun and honestly can’t stop smiling. It seems all the stress of race day disappears because around every corner there is Mickey Mouse and Goofy, enchanting music and childhood memories. This year will be extra special…almost my whole family will be down watching me race. Brothers, sisters, cute little baby nephew, mom and (drum roll) my daddy!

I still can’t believe I actually convinced my dad to come down to Florida. For anyone who knows my dad, he is a kind of a homebody but is so super supportive of my racing. I had to get him out to one of my races this year though I knew I needed to get creative. The trick was that he is a sucker for Disney World so I knew, with just a bit of finagling, that I just might get him to see me race in Florida. A 2-for-1 type deal. Of course, I had to reassure him that it wasn’t one of the crazy long races and that there will be much more Disney Worlding than racing (no problem for me!). Oh yes and my dad said he wouldn’t mind witnessing a victory. It seems so simple when my dad says it…Kate, if I’m watching you race. I’m pulling for a win. No problem Dad. No problem. I can’t even stop smiling and the race is months away. I will be so excited getting onto the plane in May as it will be combining all my favorite things in the world – family, racing, imagination and childlike fun. Yes, I’m counting down the days – 70.

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