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Security: Round II « Kate Pallardy's Blog


Security: Round II

Yesterday, I made a few calls in hopes of finding some clarity regarding open track hours. I did eventually get through to one person who actually knew a little something about public track hours. Every other person replied with maybe its open in the early morning or lightheartedly state if the gates are open you can run (not true as I was escorted off yesterday x 2). I even heard the reply that the track wasn’t for people (this one confused me). Then, when I called the college, I received the answer of…its open when its open but may be closed due to various events (hmmm loved the clarity). Anywho, I got one lady who gave me the green light to run on the high school track from 6:00am-7:30am this morning. Wow, thanks for all the options.

So, this morning I was on the track at 5:55am bundled up with gloves, hat, arm warmers, and down feathered vest as it was only 7c (45 degrees). Thailand, I need you! I miss your most glorious heat and ungated, deliciously red running track. Well, at least I was free to run. I start my workout and you probably could have guessed — security comes trotting down the bleachers. I actually received 2 guards today. Man, I’m a baddass. They go on to tell me in their mean voice that I am absolutely not allowed to bring my bike down to the track. They must be joking, right? Wrong. My bike wasn’t even on the track. It was leaning on the fence both wheels in the grass and it wasn’t like I was whistling around doing 400meter repeats in my TT position! Oh Lordy…okedoke. I go over to my bike and have to carry it to the outside fence with both guards watching and they go on to make sure I know I must be off this track at 7:30am as its school policy. I know. I know. I wanted to speak a piece of my mind but only could mumble a Yes, of course.

I did actually complete an entire track workout but seriously, aren’t there bigger issues to deal with? Can’t they just leave a girl alone? Can’t we all get along? I want to run circles in peace! I honestly believe that here in the states there is a group of people determined to protect running tracks from, you guessed it, runners. I despise that group of people and I wish upon them nightmares of crazy little girls chasing them around gated tracks. I will find you….

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