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Is there a full moon?! « Kate Pallardy's Blog


Is there a full moon?!

by null

I honestly think everyone of us has heard the saying two steps forward, one step back. I am trying to convince myself that right now in my littlelife I am simply taking a small step backwards and soon enough I will be rocketing off into the sky. Of course, that sounds brilliant but sometimes it can be frustrating as I can honestly confess that the steps backwards have quite outweighed the steps forward. I promise I have put my fighting cap on and am determined to forge ahead though last night I realized how ridiculous things had become. My mind was battling one thousand thoughts and ideas. I decided that I could go for a nice warm cup of green tea. I put some water in the electric kettle and waited very impatiently for the boil. As soon as I saw some steam, I pour the water into my cup and knowing I have to wait for it to cool, I scampered off to the computer to write a few e-mails. I return to my heavenly cup of tea only to find there is no tea. What the?! It was empty yet no water surrounding the area. I asked Mike if he dumped my tea though he had just raced a 50k and was lying on his most favorite sleeping bag and I knew there was no chance in hell he had moved within the last 10 minutes. Stupefied but not defeated, I go through the whole routine again and again return to the cup only to find it empty once more. I swear to you there is a full moon circling my head. I inspect the cup and discovered no cracks and convinced myself that I had somehow inherited magical powers and was unknowingly deploring them onto my green tea. After further investigation, I did finally find a small rounded hole at the bottom of my most favorite mug which allowed for a perfect leakage rate that caused the water to drip seamlessly down the lines of the counter. I do not know how a rounded whole ended up at the bottom of my mug but I did seem to find the whole situation deliriously hilarious. Lately, even the small insignificant things have gone weirdly wrong and I am praying for mercy from the April Fools gods because it’s April 5 and it isn’t funny anymore. Please full moon…stop circling my head.

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